Home Cleaning Tips from Ana Valenzuela

Cleaning More Often Than Ever

A new year is upon us, but nothing has changed since 2020. Cleaning our homes, and doing it well, is more important that ever. House cleaning in Santa Fe is our business, and we have helped hundreds of locals maintain a spotless home during the 2020 pandemic. Although there has been progress, this is no […]

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After 10 months of pandemic, people might think they know everything about house cleaning. The truth is, they don’t. Sure, as recommended by authorities, objects that come into the house are sanitized, there is a no-shoe policy by now in most homes and we all wash our hands 10 days a day at least. But […]

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November is synonym of Thanksgiving, and many are wondering how to celebrate this holiday safely. In Santa Fe, families will gather around a table, with some members traveling from near and far to join in a moment of thankfulness. The question on everyone’s mind is: how to stay safe during this time? Of course, the […]

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Spending The Holidays in Santa Fe

Traveling in 2022 could be a hazard, but many families are planning ahead to drive or fly taking all precautions into consideration. The need for family time and having a holiday break at the end of the year with the ones they love is prevalent. Santa Fe residents who are awaiting guests know that it’s […]

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Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services has been working with Santa Fe residents and visitors to make sure all vacation rentals or private properties are truly clean from floor to ceiling. Our team of professionals has gone all over the city and surrounding areas to provide the outmost cleaning service now more than ever, as the lockdown […]

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Safety: First And Foremost When Moving

Santa Fe has not been immune to the Coronavirus, and during this time residents and business owners must strive to do what’s best to keep the city healthy and running. Because of the virus, many people have either chosen Santa Fe as a place to ‘fare the storm’, while others with smaller properties have decided […]

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A Cleaning Schedule is Always a Good Idea

Santa Fe has so many great places and activities to enjoy during the entire year that it’ll be a sad thing if you missed them because you have to clean your house. Then get organized, let the professionals handle it and experience the city! How often should I clean that or this? The list can […]

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Office Cleaning after COVID-19 in Santa Fe

Little by little, towns and cities in New Mexico are coming out of lockdown. Santa Fe is getting ready to find a new way to be, while residents are still encouraged to stay home as much as possible, and to maintain 6-foot physical distance from others when they go out for any reason. The professional […]

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Deep Cleaning: A must for every home in Santa Fe

Although deep cleaning is recommended at least twice a year for every house, whether it’s a traditional residence or a rental vacation home, the reality of today is that Covid-19 has changed the rules for all and cleanliness has become more essential than ever. Now that many restrictions come to an end and people start […]

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Our Cleaning Services in Santa Fe in the Time of COVID-19

The world as we knew it will no longer be. The effects of Covid-19 have touched all communities in Santa Fe. We all have felt the impact, as residents, as employees, as artists, as business owners, as people. The time has come for us to continue bringing our top-of-the-line cleaning services in Santa Fe. So […]

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