Our Cleaning Services in Santa Fe in the Time of COVID-19

The world as we knew it will no longer be. The effects of Covid-19 have touched all communities in Santa Fe. We all have felt the impact, as residents, as employees, as artists, as business owners, as people.

The time has come for us to continue bringing our top-of-the-line cleaning services in Santa Fe. So far, our employees and their families have obeyed all quarantine rules and they have remained healthy. We will continue to monitor their health and follow safety measures prior, during and after they provide cleaning services in all residences or offices.

Our Procedures
This is an ongoing situation and we will be permanently aware of all new/improved regulations to be added to our new cleaning policies and practices. We want all our customers to know they are safe in their house, during and after the visit of any professional from Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services.

Following the instructions and protocol from the CDC, we will continue to maintain the highest standards, including new rules such as:

1. All employees must follow a strict personal hygiene protocol before arriving at our office and while they remain in there.

2. 90% of the cleaning products we use kill 99% of bacteria and virus. That means we are using products that keep your space disinfected and keep you and our employees safe. Along with the use of these products, all areas and surfaces are cleaned with soap and water, the #1 way to combat transmission of the virus.

3. All employees will wear a mask, gloves and a special uniform, which they will put on right before they enter the house to be cleaned and of course will wear new ones for each home.

4.Our employees will pay special attention to cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, doorknobs, cabinet handles and floors. They will use hot water and soap first, and finish with disinfectant.

5.All our mops are disinfected after each cleaning and a new one will be used for each place.

6.Laundry will be performed with the warmest appropriate water setting for the type of clothes to be washed. All clothes will be dried completely. Our team will clean and disinfect clothes hampers before and after use with hot water, soap and disinfectant.

As always, the team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is prepared to handle all cleaning needs for home or offices. From deep cleaning to special cleaning or weekly/biweekly cleaning. Please let us know if you have any further questions about our new procedures or any of your cleaning needs.


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