How to Clean Floors, Cleaning Service Style

Along with vacation rental owners, professionals from cleaning services in Santa Fe, NM, pay close attention to floor maintenance. A first impression is worth a thousand words, and maintaining pristine floors and carpeting is essential to impress guests with impeccable cleanliness.

However, the same house cleaning professionals will tell you that different flooring materials require different types of care to ensure they remain spotless and inviting throughout the coming and going of owners and guests. What are key tips to make sure floors are not only clean but well-preserved? Here are a few: 

Tile and stone floors: Often chose for durability and style, these require regular maintenance to stay looking their best. The best cleaning services will take the next step from regular sweeping and mopping to get rid of grout lines, which are usual when dealing with tile floors. A house cleaning tip for tile floors includes finishing with a vinegar and water solution to make the floors way shinier. And for cleaning greasy messes on stone floors (not marble), a paste of baking soda and water can do the trick easily. 

Hardwood and Laminate: House cleaning professionals from the Ana Valenzuela team recommend sweeping daily and vacuum at least once a week to remove all dust and debris. Once every two months, or if you want, every change of season, these floors might need a deeper clean, using a microfiber mop with a solution of warm water and a gentle floor cleaner designed for these surfaces. Hardwood and laminate floors can’t handle harsh chemicals, so avoid those and excessive moisture. Also, house cleaning rules recommend using a damp mop with a gentle hardwood floor cleaner to avoid water damage and streaks.

Carpet floors: Yes, carpets are also used in homes in Santa Fe, NM, and although carpet cleaning deserves a whole different chapter, there are some cleaning service rules that must be followed. A deep cleaning service is necessary at least once a year, not only for appearance but also for health reasons. The key to cleaning carpets is to vacuum frequently and address any spills, accidents, rips or anything that happens when it happens. The quickest the action, the better. House cleaning becomes a bit easier when things are not left ‘for later’ but addressed as they happen. 

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