Choosing Cleaning Services in Santa Fe NM

It’s easy to find house cleaning services in Santa Fe NM. What may not be so easy is to find a good, reliable cleaning services company that will not only do the cleaning job but go the extra mile, and also, be a trustworthy partner for you.

One very important thing to keep in mind before choosing cleaning services is to know what type of cleaning job you are looking for. Locals in Santa Fe NM may require a deep cleaning for their vacation home, or perhaps weekly cleaning of their residence. And these two cleaning services meet very different needs.

That’s why Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services offers a variety of services, tailored to the most recurrent needs of property owners, as well as visitors who stay at vacation rentals during any season in Santa Fe. This variety and the excellence in cleaning services is what has made Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services a top provider in the city. 

Here are some of the services offered and what they cover, so you can have a better idea and decide what you need to make the initial call: 

Weekly/Biweekly Cleaning: One of the most requested cleaning services, as it allows residents to enjoy their daily activities without worrying too much about cleaning the house themselves. This service includes cleaning and disinfecting all key areas such as bathrooms and kitchen. 

Deep Cleaning: Twice a year is all you need. This service takes care of all the property, from ceilings and walls to laundry room and patio. 

Second Home Cleaning: For those who also have a rental property and need a reliable team to take care of all cleaning services while they handle all of they guests needs or when they have a second residence for their use in Santa Fe. This service includes reporting before and after the cleaning service is done. 

Move in/Move Out Cleaning: A great option to have when your head can only take one thing at a time. Our professional team dedicates their knowledge to leave the property ready for new owners or totally sparkling before you come into a new home. 

After Construction Cleaning: Our experience working alongside builders is one of our best assets. Our team knows how to properly do house cleaning while also disposing of leftover construction materials.  

Our outstanding way to do business and take care of all house cleaning needs is what makes us a superior cleaning services company in the Santa Fe NM area. No other service gives you the quality and excellence we do. Our house cleaning services are 100% guaranteed and we take care of all the things you need in your residence or vacation rental. Our team is ready to help you with all your house cleaning needs, from weekly cleaning to deep cleaning at the beginning or end of any season that is convenient for you and your lifestyle. Call us today at (505) 401-4032 or contact us here to get a free house cleaning estimate!


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