Cleaning Services for Moving in Santa Fe, NM 

We’ve all been there. We’re walking into a new home or apartment and the previous occupant left the place a complete mess. Why is house cleaning not a priority for many people who are moving in or out? Residents of Santa Fe NM have had to deal with this when moving into a new place, so when they need to, they contact house cleaning services to take care of all cleaning needs. 

When moving in or moving out, it’s important to put ourselves in the other’s person shoes. How clean would you like to find the place you are moving into? And also, while packing and organizing to move, how much mess are you leaving behind? (Hint: it could be a lot!). So, basically, house cleaning shouldn’t be an afterthought, and while planning the move and calling providers in Santa Fe NM, include a call to a house cleaning services company you can trust. Your mind will be occupied with other moving details but you will have one less thing to worry about when hiring house cleaning professionals to take care of the rest. 

Our cleaning services professionals in Santa Fe NM have gathered the basics everyone should know about, whether it is to a new home or perhaps a vacation rental you will be staying in for a while. 


  • Wipe down kitchen cabinets, stove and countertops and the key areas that are seen upon entering the kitchen
  • No home cleaning is complete without deep cleaning appliances (inside and out), along with any other areas and corners that might have lots of dirt accumulated
  • Check windows (and doors) and give them a good wiping down, from the inside and the outside if possible
  • If the residence has carpet, give them a swift vacuuming, unless there are stains. If that is the case, do your best to get rid of them
  • Cleaning services pros like to emphasize on this point: don’t leave trash behind or piles of things to throw away in any room. Leave out a broom and a mop handy to give a last cleaning to the house before departing
  • Don’t forget the closets. Be kind and leave them clean and dusted so the next tenants don’t have to start their house cleaning journey from scratch


  • Cleaning services in Santa Fe NM recommend to start with the kitchen and bathrooms. Areas of high traffic and much needed for anyone 
  • In the kitchen, go for the refrigerator first. It has to be spotless before you add any food
  • Hopefully the previous residents left the place in a decent state, so house cleaning in this case is much more about disinfecting areas. Starting with the bathroom 
  • Start at the top. This means, cleaning the higher areas first, so when it’s time for countertops and floors you can get ride of all the dirt possible
  • Make sure you know which are the right house cleaning products for the type of floors you have in the new place and get them before the day of the move. That way you are prepared and can tackle all floors or carpets before you start decorating or setting furniture in place

Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is there for anyone in Santa Fe NM looking for the best house cleaning service in the area. With a list of must services for any Move in/Move out job, our specialists know exactly what to do and will be of great help you. One less thing to worry about when organizing or executing a move. This Move in/Move out offering, along cleaning services such as Deep Cleaning and Weekly Cleaning are perfect for residents or anyone with a vacation rental property in Santa Fe NM. For this and other house cleaning services, call (505) 660-6568 and schedule today!


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