How to Make the Light Brighter at Home in Santa Fe

Welcoming and fascinating all-year-round, Santa Fe gets even better during December. Old and new homes along with vacation rentals get decorated with Farolitos and lights of all sizes and colors. 

December is Santa Fe is simply magical. Besides the Farolitos tradition and the snow decorates all the surrounding mountains, it’s the perfect time to get a cup of hot cocoa and stroll around the city, all lit up according to the season. The ‘light show’ starts at sunset, the time of the day the adobe buildings around the city reflect the color and illuminate every corner.

Many people from around the world choose this time to come stay in Santa Fe, staying at vacation rentals from a couple of weeks to enjoy the feel of the city and places like the historic Plaza, which looks bright and shiny, since the surrounding buildings and the trees have silvery lights carefully strung and lit up every night before sunset.

What are other favorite things to do during December in Santa Fe? Besides the Farolito walk, which is a must, you can also participate in Las Posadas or in the Pueblo Christmas Celebrations, and of course, stock up on presents at the Santa Fe Winter Indian Market. 

Shiny and Bright
As experts on all things cleaning, the team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services also get ready to make sure all the vacation homes they take care of have the brightest lights in all of Santa Fe. How do they do it? They make sure to dust, shine and clean all lamps light fixtures, chandeliers, etc. Here are some tips on how you can do it best at home:

Turn the lights off: No, this is no silly advice. Make sure the light is off before cleaning or better yet, do it during the day and turn off the breaker to make sure no electrical accidents occur.

Start simple: When dusting around the house, remember to also pass wipe them off with a soft cloth. Dirty bulbs give off 20% less light.

All shades are different: Glass shades can be rinsed in soapy water and left to dry on top of clean fabric or paper towels. Paper, fabric or silk lampshades should be cleaned with a lamb’s-wool duster. Don’t use any rags.

Handle with care: Crystal chandelier are delicate to clean, and there are different tricks of the trade to make them shiny. Make sure to research the best way to clean the one you have at home or check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Get an expandable duster: They are relatively inexpensive but can be life savers! They come in handy when cleaning all light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services also a Deep Cleaning Vacation Rental service, that’s 100% guaranteed and can be performed once a week, bi-weekly, once a month, or on demand as needed in any neighborhood in Santa Fe.


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