The real estate market in Santa Fe is pretty active, and homes are big enough to have several rooms and ample garages. Yet when moving, many people forget about their garage, and leave it for last when they’re already tired, almost at the end of the moving-out process. 

So yes, perhaps starting there may sound a bit counterintuitive, but the point is, we all know the garage somehow has more stuff than we think. It hides all the little trinkets we forget about, amid big boxes of seasonal ornaments, memorabilia or other big items that, as if by magic, end over there. It’s a huge endeavor to take on!

As an expert in all things moving and cleaning, Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services suggests it’s a good idea to start at the place that requires most work. You need to sort out what you’ll bring to your next home and what needs to be tossed, stored again or donated/sold. Cleaning your garage when moving (or simply to make it tidy again) is a task that needs organization and several steps. Here are some tips from the professionals.

  1. Think ahead: set a goal for the day and choose one that’s not too hot or super cold. Also, decide what portion to tackle first and start from top to bottom.
  2. Take everything out: this way it’ll be easier to sort everything out. Use the vacuum to get rid of spider webs and other bugs first. Then clean all surfaces, including walls, and sweep the floor.
  3. Kill smells: When the garage is not cleaned frequently, it’s almost inevitable that certain smells will start to pop up. One way to keep them at bay is to spray undiluted white vinegar regularly, mixed with a few drops of essential oil of your preference, such as lavender, lemons, orange, sage, etc.
  4. Reorganize with care: Make sure you don’t bring articles you don’t need. Find new storage solutions so everything looks tidy and has its own space.
  5. Before moving out: Try to leave shelves and other storage options available, so the potential buyers or new tenants have a better impression of the space and see themselves living there.

Call the team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services to take care of all your garage cleaning needs before moving out of your home or a rental property in Santa Fe. Along with this moving out service, there are other services are offered like deep cleaning and special cleaning, all of which come in handy when it’s time to change and move on. No other cleaning service in Santa Fe will leave your house as fresh and spotless, and our services are 100% guaranteed.


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