A Cleaning Schedule is Always a Good Idea

Santa Fe has so many great places and activities to enjoy during the entire year that it’ll be a sad thing if you missed them because you have to clean your house. Then get organized, let the professionals handle it and experience the city!

How often should I clean that or this? The list can be as long as the possible answers. It’s true that the frequency depends on the use a certain area or object gets, but it’s also key to establish a cleaning routine and schedule.

This time the professional team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services gathered to provide tips to develop a practical cleaning schedule. Their first tip? Get some help! You can have the team come in weekly or biweekly and create a program that works for you.

Here are some clever ideas:

DAILY TASKS: They’re the obvious ones, even if sometimes they are neglected. Doing the dishes after every meal and disinfecting the kitchen every night, sweeping and moping the floors of the house (or at least of the areas with more food traffic), and organizing trash and recyclables. Sanitizing the sinks is also important, to avoid build up and possible bad odors.

WEEKLY TASKS: Change bed sheets, wash shower curtains, dust all furniture, including lighting fixtures, desk lamps and mirrors. Check the fridge and/or reorganize and throw away spoiled food. Wipe down all appliances and clean the inside of the microwave. Disinfect and clean all bathrooms from floor to ceiling, scrubbing tubs and shower walls.

EVERY 3 TO 6 MONTHS TASKS: Pillows and accessories for all beds such as down covers or throws, vacuum all mattresses and move furniture around to give a pass behind them. Also, pay especial attention to the kitchen, as these needs a deeper cleaning that includes cleaning kitchen range and walls, deep cleaning of inside and out of the fridge and a check up on appliances.

These tasks, along with many others equally necessary yet not mentioned here will be performed professionally by the  team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services in all areas of Santa Fe. Weekly/Bi-Weekly cleaning services are ideal for all homes, whether residential or vacation rentals, as it guarantees not only cleanliness but also inviting spaces that feel fresh and inviting. No other cleaning service in Santa Fe will leave your house as fresh and spotless, and our services are 100% guaranteed.


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