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Ana Valenzuela

Cleaning Process for Ana Valenzuela

Satisfaction Guarantee

No matter where you are in Santa Fe, we promise 100% satisfaction for all our services. If something is not satisfactory, call us within 24 hours following the completion of the original service and we will come back at no charge to take care of it.

Quality Control Report

We have created a three-tier quality control method that assures absolute attention to detail and client satisfaction.

The Quality Control Report form is completed after each cleaning.

The Quality Control supervisor conducts an exhaustive overview of the property.  This form is then sent to the homeowner. The information contained therein reflects the quality status of the home in relation to cleanliness, bedding conditions, security standards, maintenance problems and missing items.

Cleaning Report

The Cleaning Report is a form that spells out all the steps that the housekeepers must follow at the time of cleaning. An exhaustive list insures that all points are covered with efficiency and to perfection.

The Cleaning Report is done according to the type of cleaning required by the client, such as freshen, deep clean, maid services and others as the need arises.

Training Our Crew

The recruiting process of our personnel is exhaustive and not only backgrounds are checked. We also construct a complete profile of the applicant so we can be sure the individual can adjust to the culture and values of our company.

The training process takes days. When all the cleaning steps are supervised, as well as the proper use of the required products, as well as how to appropriately fill out all the reports. The training ends with a test that must be passed by obtaining a score of 100%.

Equipment and Supplies

We will provide the cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner and other equipment. Green and regular products are available.




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