After Remodeling, a Good Clean Up is Key 

Renovations and upgrades are common in the vacation rental business. And for those home owners, cleaning and organizing after construction is the last yet the most important step.

Witnessing the transformation of a house after a construction or remodeling project is exciting. Seeing the plans come to life and thinking about all the great memories people and closed ones will create there makes all the pain of construction worth it. But what to do when all is set and done, and there is a coat of white dust all around, imagining those happy moments might be a little hard. Plus, no one would like to find that dust in high or hidden corners of the house days or weeks after construction.

Photo from Tierra Concepts Luxury Builders

This cement or residue dust could be harmful for animals and humans, so making sure a good job is done is not only a matter of cleanliness, but also a matter of health. Fortunately, the team of experts of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services can come to the rescue and leave the space, or the whole house, sparkling from floor to ceiling.

Here’s what the experts recommend: 

  1. Plan ahead: Contractors will sweep the house and vacuum around to get rid of big chunks of leftover material. But that’s just it. So, plan ahead and create a cleaning plan that either includes hiring experts or doing it yourself with lots of care.
  2. If you are renovating an area of the house, make sure to check and replace the air filters all around. They trap dust but also may bring it back in once you turn the air on again. If the construction was big, perhaps you can rent an air scrubber.
  3. Vacuum the area thoroughly, starting from the top down. Use an upholstery brush and cover every corner, including the walls, all the furniture and the interior of cabinets and shelves. Remove the cover of vents and vacuum inside.
  4. Once you run the vacuum once, sweep, mop, and disinfect floors. You may need to repeat the process one more time, to ensure all particles have been removed. During this process, you also need to wipe down doors, knobs, surfaces, moldings, etc.
  5. Yes, that dust gets around all over the house, even at places you’d have never thought. Tackle those areas during the cleaning process and include counters, appliances and cabinets.

What can Ana’s team of professionals do? Well, they can take care of all the deep cleaning to remove construction dust, so your house smells, looks and is indeed…clean. Besides the cleaning portion, they can also organize closets and pantry, do laundry for all curtains, bedding, etc. If you need anything else, just ask or visit for more information!


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