This is the Right Time for a Deep Cleaning

The answer may vary, but in most cases, the ideal time to do it is at the end of a season. In Santa Fe particularly, it’s a great idea to do it at the end of Winter, beginning of Spring, and then right before winter starts again.

Why do it twice a year? Because clutter accumulates, and even with a weekly or biweekly cleaning, there are many spots who are usually missed, and after several weeks, dust or dirt starts to stick. The professional team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services knows how to tackle any type of home structure in Santa Fe, to make sure all the corners and surfaces are clean and ready to receive a new season.

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The Kitchen is a Great Place to Start

Before you begin, plan ahead to see what area of the house tackle first and what last. Share this with your cleaning service specialist, for them to give you proper advice and listen to your needs. The kitchen is a key part, as it’s one of the areas most used and the one that gets dirty the most.

How to clean and organize it properly?

Start by decluttering. Take everything out of all cabinets and drawers. Go through each item, selecting those that don’t work anymore, are partially broken or you don’t want around anymore.

Start cleaning from the top. This might be a basic rule but many people forget it. Start from the top cabinets and finish with the area under the sink. Then move on to putting everything back in place.

Define where to place all items. Look around and see where to place items so they are easier to reach, as well as placing the most used ones in the front of cabinets. For instance, put all cooking utensils, pots and pans closest to the range and near the fridge, place all tupperware, food wraps, plastic bags and everything needed for food storage.

Stand in the middle. What do you see? When you are in the heat of cooking you need the essentials and the most used nearby. Make sure you have these key items at eye level, anything and everything from dishes to serving spoons or spices.

Having a clean, organized kitchen will help you be more efficient when cooking, freeing up time to do the things you enjoy most, with your family or friends around Santa Fe or any of the towns and areas near the city.

Whether your home in Santa Fe is your main residence, or you it’s a vacation rental in Santa Fe, rely on Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services to keep the house tidy, fresh and clean for anyone who visits. The deep cleaning service is thorough and detailed. 100% guaranteed.


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