Home Cleaning Tips from Ana Valenzuela

After Remodeling, a Good Clean Up is Key 

Renovations and upgrades are common in the vacation rental business. And for those home owners, cleaning and organizing after construction is the last yet the most important step. Witnessing the transformation of a house after a construction or remodeling project is exciting. Seeing the plans come to life and thinking about all the great memories […]

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Time to move out in Santa Fe? Cleaning is of the essence!

Vacation rentals are a big business in Santa Fe, and there are key things to do when it’s time to vacate the house and get it read for the next tenants to experience. Here are some valuable tips.    Cleaning a house, for some, might be an easy task. And that might be true, but […]

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This is the Right Time for a Deep Cleaning

The answer may vary, but in most cases, the ideal time to do it is at the end of a season. In Santa Fe particularly, it’s a great idea to do it at the end of Winter, beginning of Spring, and then right before winter starts again. Why do it twice a year? Because clutter […]

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Taking Time to Enjoy and Clean in Santa Fe

There is time to do a little bit of everything when living or visiting Santa Fe. From hiking to skiing, to art-making and visiting galleries… but also time for good-old fashion home cleaning. Yes, it’s almost spring in the southern hemisphere, and this is usually the time when most people do “spring cleaning”, and turn […]

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Moving Out The Right Way in Santa Fe

It’s never easy to move out of a house, not only for the memories created but also because it’s a lot of work! Here is a handy checklist you can use to make the process a little better. Any person moving from one place to another can almost see the light of the end of […]

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It can get really cold in New Mexico during January and February. And that is good, because everyone can enjoy lots of winter activities along with hot springs, saunas, jacuzzis… the best of both worlds. Santa Fe is a city to visit at any time of the year. Many choose to come during the beginning […]

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How to Make the Light Brighter at Home in Santa Fe

Welcoming and fascinating all-year-round, Santa Fe gets even better during December. Old and new homes along with vacation rentals get decorated with Farolitos and lights of all sizes and colors.  December is Santa Fe is simply magical. Besides the Farolitos tradition and the snow decorates all the surrounding mountains, it’s the perfect time to get […]

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It’s no secret that many people come to Santa Fe to enjoy the Georgia O’Keeffe museum along with the multiple galleries in and around the city. Definitely, when it comes to good art, this is the place to be. But many more make their artistic dreams come true every year, because starting in November until […]

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1,2,3… Dancing salsa in Santa Fe

Salsa arrived from the Caribbean by way of New York, and it certainly made a home in the country. Santa Fe, of course, could not be an exception. Visitors get to Santa Fe for the art, the mountains, the spas and the year-round sports activities. Not many get there to take salsa lessons, or even […]

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Look up! The magic of air balloons in Santa Fe

Balloons, colors, shapes and mesmerized faces all around. This and more fun is what you can expect at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. WOW! That’s perhaps one the words you will hear most in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico, from October 6 to the 14, during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. No matter what age […]

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