The Magic of Art at Home

The Magic of Art at Home

No home is complete without art.  Our collections, which are not only for decorative purposes, but as an honest interpretation of our inner selves and our inner artistic nature. It is the magic of art at home.

The great thing about art is that not only does it make it easier for other people to understand you and connect with you on a more profound level, but different types can change the atmosphere of your household magically.

A very old sculpture or painting could add a more historic or even intellectual vibe to your home, whilst more contemporary art is more expressive and can display a wider range of our characteristics, whether it be our love for a specific type of music or our timid characters.

Cleaning art however, is something which should never be forgotten. If we invest in a piece of art we really like, it is worth the little bit of extra effort to keep it in a clean condition. If not, it could get damaged, and our investment could prove to have been for nothing.

Even if we do keep it in good shape, it is inevitable that eventually we will have to move it. Maybe we want to make space for something else, maybe we want to sell it or put it in the attic. No matter what the case, cleaning art is very important.

If not maintained, a piece of art is at risk of losing its taste, therefore reflecting negatively on the atmosphere of your home. No matter the style of art, we should always worry and care for it in the same way.

With our cleaning services in Santa Fé, New Mexico and in one location with very iconic artistic characters, the team behind Ana Valenzuela is very knowledgeable on art and therefore, we take extra special care when cleaning such precious belongings.

Fortunately for you, our expertise in the area allows us to tell you that while cleaning art may sound risky, tiring and strenuous, the process is actually very easy.

For paintings and sculptures, it is important to give them a quick clean on a daily basis. To do this, it is important not to use any type of cleaning detergent, but simply a dry and clean cloth. Give the piece a quick wipe over to remove marks or dust and your art will remain in the condition it was on the day you feel in love with it.


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