Extinguishing the fire in the fire place

Extinguishing the fire in the fire place

As the sun begins to warm us more each day, and the cold and snow are a sporadic thing… Besides hanging up our coats in the closet it is time to prepare our fireplaces for a long seasonal rest, and also be ready for next winter.

  • First, be certain that all the ashes are thoroughly cooled. It is better to allow more than a day to be 100% sure. Take them out with a brush and a shovel or vacuum them with an old vacuum cleaner. I suggest you wear a mask to avoid inhaling ashes during the process.
  • Afterward use a tough bristle brush, and clean the sides inside the chamber to loosen all the accumulated soot.
  • Use an aluminum sheet and clean the sides with soap and water. The sheet must be discarded at the end of the procedure.
  • Vacuum again.
  • Outside the chamber the wall and surroundings may be stained by smoke and soot, which are difficult to remove. For best results use a “Magic Eraser.”
  • Finally, remember to leave the flue closed until next winter, to keep debris carried by the wind, birds, and rodents from entering the home.

Although anyone can clean a fireplace inside and out, it is a long and difficult process, better left in the hands of experts. Don’t forget to contract the services of a professional to clean the ducts in your stove.


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