Dog Hair Home Cleaning Tips

Dogs Can Create Some Seriously Hairy Situations

A dog really is man’s best friend giving a new purpose to life. However, all good things come at a price and the same applies here. Yes, the most horrific of these prices is veterinary care, but the cheeky rascals will also leave hair ALL OVER the house. The hair not only makes the home look messy, but it can also be extremely unsanitary.

A good clean of the home can fix this problem, but you have to be extra careful. Certain chemicals in cleaning products can be harmful to dogs which is why when we offer our cleaning services in Santa Fe, we have to take extra care to make sure we offer a pet friendly house cleaning. Fortunately, we have mastered it, and are able to offer you some very helpful tips.



Step one is prevention. It is one thing to temporarily fix the problem with a clean, but you also want to take certain steps to reduce the scale of the problem in the first place. Dogs love to cosy up to their owners whether it be in bed or even on the sofa and an easy way to prevent either getting completely covered in hairs, you can buy pet blankets. Then, when you have guests over, simply remove the pet blanket and your furniture will be hair free.


Cleaning the Floors

There are different methods of cleaning depending on if you have wooden or carpet floors. Without trying to get involved in the controversial ‘Which is better?’ debate, our opinions are impartial, although we will say that cleaning wooden floors is a lot easier. But for most of us, we have more difficulty because as published by the Carpet and Rug Institute, carpets account for 51% of the US flooring market. At least it shows that we like to challenge ourselves, that is a good thing, right?

For hard floors, the best option is to use an electrostatic mop which catches hair and dust in its place. This is in contrast to vacuum cleaners or standard mops which can potentially blow hair around the room. While you may think the hair is gone, it may just be that you have relocated it.

Hair and dust can easily get trapped in carpet fibres making it more difficult to remove. This is why we suggest using baking soda which loosens the hairs and deodorizes the carpets at the same time. Using a vacuum cleaner will then make them disappear. Actually seeing the hairs will be difficult, so another technique is to use a rubber squeegee to assure all the hairs are gone. Rub over an area until no more hairs attach themselves to the tool and you know it is spotless.

The importance of doing is to keep your home looking tidy and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hair has a way of finding itself on your clothes, on your body and if not careful, even your food. It is easier to put the effort into cleaning than to live like a neanderthal.


Cleaning Toys

It is also important to maintain the dog’s’ health by regularly cleaning its toys and utensils. Every pet has their favorite toy ranging from chewy bones or stuffed animals. Most nylon, plastic, hard and rope toys can be cleaned by putting them in the dishwasher on the hot setting with no detergent. This is to remove most of the bacteria and mould so they can live to be chewed another day. For soft toys, the best method is to put them in the washing machine. The better-made the toy, the better it will respond to this method. Worse materials may show a sign of wear on removal but should be able to be reused.

Being deprived of their favorite toy for a few days will drive a dog crazy, so it is all the more cute when they see it again after a good wash. As well as thanking you, they play with it as if it were brand new again making for some quality entertainment.

If you need help to keep your house clean and hair free, try our Deep Cleaning Service and also our Move In Move Out Services or our weekly cleaning services in Santa Fe, NM.



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