Canyon Road, Santa Fe

Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico

In the heart of Santa Fe, only a few blocks away from the best hotels and vacation rentals we find Canyon Road, where the best art of Santa Fe lives.

This street is filled with picturesque art galleries, jewelry shops, boutiques, restaurants and special stores where a variety of art pieces can be found, as well as items for everyday use.

In this place creativity and beauty meet in more than 250 shops not only with the best of Santa Fe, but with the best of contemporary art.

The majority of the stores open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, and touring them is quite easy. In a few blocks at the foot of the Sangre the Cristo Mountains, this sector boasts of its history on native Indians, Spanish roots, and this artistic colonization captivates all visitors.

It isn’t necessary to be an art collector or an aficionado to be seduced by the magic of any of the stores, now transformed into the third highest art selling region in the country.

If during a tour of the area the visitor stops at one of the restaurants, the experience will be a unique one for all the senses.

The fourth Friday of each month, all the stores open until 7 pm and welcome visitors with special activities. This cannot be missed!

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