Simple Steps to Maintain the Condition of Your Flatware and Precious Silverware

Maintain and Clean Your Flatware and Kitchenware

Given the amount of time we have been offering our cleaning services in Santa Fé, we have picked up a lot of tips on how to clean a variety of daily essentials, one of these being flatware.

Flatware is a general term used to cover everything belonging to the group of utensils used to serve and eat food. This could include anything from forks, plates and even spatulas.

Flatware is one consistent in everyday life as we know we will always use it which makes it surprising that many people do not know how to properly care for them and increase their lifespan. This is especially important given how homeowners tend to buy two sets: one for everyday use and another for special occasions, although the latter is more limited and unlikely to include such items as a special ladle.

with all our years of cleaning experience, we are able to provide you with several tips for cleaning flatware. While the more common types of flatware are more likely made out of steel, the finer types can be made from various metals although silver is most frequently used as a base.

It is advised to wash stainless steel flatware immediately after use to prevent discolouring. The best way of cleaning them is to rinse them under clear, hot water and wipe with a very soft cloth before drying and putting back in the drawer. Growing in popularity are specialist stainless steel solutions which can also do the trick. While not strictly necessary, they do provide better care and maintain the shine of flatware pieces so they conserve their condition from the day you bought them.

The same technique can be applied to silverware, although it is more risky. The problem is that harder dirt and grease will stick, and the silver will lose its shine. One technique to prevent this happening is offered by AppartmentTherapy. They advise covering a baking tray with aluminium foil and applying baking soda and white vinegar. Following this, add boiling water to activate the baking soda, consequently adding the silverware. The boiling water is enough to damage silverware and so it should only be submerged for 30 seconds unless the grease is a bit tougher. Use tongs to remove it and a rag to wipe off any excess bits of dirt.

Another technique is to use a dishwasher. However, for this to be safe you must make some changes to the usual routine. Rinse the silver under a tap to remove leftover food residue and place it separately to the stainless steel. Use a tablespoon of detergent without lemon or citrus additives and leave the silverware in the dishwasher until it finishes both its wash and dry cycles. Alternatively, remove the silver before the dry cycle and allow it to dry naturally to prevent heat damage.

By following these techniques, you will always be prepared to impress and your flatware will continue to be the same as the day you first saw it.

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