Let your marble shine in the kitchen counters

Let your marble shine in the kitchen counters

Marble is a beautiful addition to any home, often used for kitchen countertops, dinning and coffee tables as well as bathroom accents.

But along with being beautiful marble can be very difficult to clean. Marble is very sensitive and because of the minerals it is composed from it must be treated with care.

For me the number one tip about cleaning a marble surface is to use a cleaning product with a neutral pH, steering away from anything with high acids, such as vinegar and harsh cleansers.

In many places the water is so high in minerals that even a glass on your marble table can easily leave a mark if not cleaned up immediately. Using a non-scratch sponge or soft cloth is equally important, as marble scratches easily. The best way to keep your marble at its best is to use a sealant every six months or so.

Let your marble shine


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