Home Cleaning Tips from Ana Valenzuela

Cleaning Clay Houses

House cleaning services experts in Santa Fe know it best: taking good care of clay buildings is an art itself. It’s important to do it well, because clay requires constant maintenance and too much water applied at the wrong time, for instance, can cause more damage than provide help. The professional team of Ana Valenzuela […]

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Carpet Cleaning: A Good Idea Before Winter

Carpets and rugs are more than a decorative piece. They give personality to a room and provide a soft, warm surface for wintertime. But carpers are also the object of splashes, accidents, spills, and dirt from the outside. They need attention and the proper care to keep them looking great. Cleaning carpets is part of […]

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House cleaning services experts in Santa Fe are now faced with the news reality: most homes they are servicing now include at least one office space. The truth is many employees are not going back to the office full time and need to create permanent spaces to work from. Long gone are the days where […]

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Back to the Office at the End of Summer?

Many companies in the country have made plans to bring more workers back to the office by the fall of 2021. This means yet another big shake up to the way people work and live today. Now thousands of people have made home their workplace and many are wondering how going back is going to […]

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Many things are in the minds of summer dwellers as they arrive in Santa Fe to spend the next months: what pool to hit first, where to go hiking early in the morning and of course, what am I going to do when it’s time to clean? The solution is simple: Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services. […]

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Time for BBQs in Santa Fe

It’s that time of the year again! And the best cleaning companies in Santa Fe know what that means: giving a good cleanup to patios, outdoor furniture and grills of all sizes!. What that also means is that people start hosting guests more often, so most areas of the house need more frequent cleaning. That’s […]

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A Summer of New Horizons 

A fresh start is something many people have been looking for, and summertime is a perfect time to move in and start anew. What are some of the first things a new homeowner needs to think about? Selecting among the best cleaning companies in Santa Fe! Let’s be honest. There a million things to do […]

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‘You live, you learn’ says a popular song from the 90s, and the sentence rings true today more than ever, as the pandemic has taught us many things. One of them, a key one, has been all about house cleaning. PROPER house cleaning, that is, with the best cleaning companies leading the way. House cleaning […]

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It’s that time of the year: spring break is coming up and many are planning short trips or other fun activities, but others will take this opportunity to do a deep cleaning. And that’s a great idea, not only because we’re still going through a pandemic, but also because the best cleaning companies in Santa […]

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One thing that’s always been clear for all the Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services team is how important it to do a complete and thorough job, whether that job is house cleaning or office cleaning. Yet, for offices there is always special attention paid to detail, as these are high-traffic spaces, and germs can sneak into the […]

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