Safety: First And Foremost When Moving

Santa Fe has not been immune to the Coronavirus, and during this time residents and business owners must strive to do what’s best to keep the city healthy and running.

Because of the virus, many people have either chosen Santa Fe as a place to ‘fare the storm’, while others with smaller properties have decided to move (temporarily or permanently) to more secluded areas of the city and its surroundings. What they want is to be closer to nature and have a bigger space for them and their families.

So what happens after you’ve chosen a place to move in and need a professional team to safely work on all the move in and move out cleaning needs? The professional team of Ana Valenzuela has been hard at work putting a  safety protocol in place, and they have 3 tips to provide for everyone to stay healthy when moving.

1. Stay Informed: Understanding how the virus spreads and what are the best things you can do to avoid it is key. Set up a family protocol and enforce it. That includes knowing how to proceed when someone from the outside comes into the house, such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

2. Make Plans Before Cleaning Personnel Arrives: It’s best if you and any other residents of the house are outside while the cleaning services are being performed. Also, make sure the person is not sick. Our team has a system in place, including making sure whoever comes into your house is healthy and follows all measures.

3. Talk About Your Protocol in Advance: Make sure you address your questions and needs with the cleaning company. You could also outline a plan ahead, and discuss what areas are more important for you and what the cleaning person can do to make you feel better. Two things are key: listen to the professionals and also, if it gives you peace of mind, you can wipe down (with disinfecting wipes or dish soap and a rag) certain surfaces after the service has been performed, such as stair railings, cabinet and door knobs.

These tasks, along with many others equally necessary yet not mentioned here will be performed professionally by the  team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services in all areas of Santa Fe. Moving In/Move Out cleaning is an essential business nowadays, when many are finding new homes that are bigger, with more space or even in more remote areas and need to leave the old place pristine and disinfected while making sure the new place is Covid free. No other cleaning service in Santa Fe will leave your house as fresh and spotless, and our services are 100% guaranteed.


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