November is synonym of Thanksgiving, and many are wondering how to celebrate this holiday safely. In Santa Fe, families will gather around a table, with some members traveling from near and far to join in a moment of thankfulness.

The question on everyone’s mind is: how to stay safe during this time? Of course, the first thing is for people to be cautious and test themselves before visiting any relatives. And for the hosts, it’s about enforcing rules inside the house but also making sure all surfaces are thoroughly clean. That’s when a deep cleaning comes in handy, and this moth we are focusing on the place where Thanksgiving happens: the dining room.

Deep cleaning is a specialty of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning  Services team. And this time around they shared some tricks of the trade to have a sparkling and disinfected dining room that invites all eat and be merry.

Dust every corner: Start with the vents, windows, blinds and light fixtures. It’s important to focus also on the crown molding and baseboards, along with the walls. The corners should also be tackled, from top to bottom.

Focus on the table: Wipe down table and chairs, scrubbing off any stains. The seats and legs should not be forgotten. Then use an appropriate cleaner for the type of material (wood, metal, glass, etc.) and rinse with water. The third step is to use a sanitizing solution to repeat the cleaning process. Once the sanitizer is air dried, it’s time to set the table and perhaps don’t allow anyone in the space until it’s dinner time.

Silverware check: Clean them as usual, by submerging them in warm, soapy water. Don’t use an old scrub! Use a new one that’s free of germs. Then, for sanitation, submerge the utensils completely in water that’s 170°F for about 30 seconds. You can do the same with dishes, and then allow them to air dry completely.

Colors are your friends: Use different color rags to do all the cleaning one. One for cleaning, another color for rinsing and one for applying sanitizer. That way you’ll know which one to use and avoid contamination.

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