You may ask yourself… is it important to do spring cleaning every single year? The answer is YES! Spring cleaning does not only help keep a house in order, but when doing so you can also forget about deep house cleaning during the summer. That’s right! Less deep cleaning and more chilling at the pool and more time for BBQs and fun. The best cleaning companies in Santa Fe do think about it all-year round, and vacation rental owners should do the same.

The key to a clean house during the summer has two components: do a thorough spring cleaning and do good cleaning maintenance during summer. That’s it!

The expert team from Ana Valenzuela House Cleaning Services has put together a list of tips to take care of the basics while enjoying all the wonderful activities the summer has to offer.

Take care of ACs and fans: What would we do without any of these two inventions come summertime? Yet many forget to check, clean, or replace the AC filters, an important step to have not only a fresh space but also a clean one. Filters trap pollen, dirt and dust, substances that cause allergies and other discomforts. Same goes for fans. Dusting the blades is not enough. Depending on the material, use the right products to give them a proper clean with water or other liquid and a rag.

Clean bathrooms efficiently: Create a schedule to remind yourself what steps to take when cleaning the bathroom. Do it once a week, but during the week, take time to disinfect high-touch areas along with the sink, as well as lightly dust, sweep or mop high-traffic areas. Scrub shower, bathtub, toilets and sink once a week. Mirrors tend to get dirty faster, so keep paper towels and a mirror-cleaning solution handy to do a quick clean while checking out your tan during the week.

Window cleaning: It may take a full morning, but it’s worth every minute. Start by prepping warm water with a good soap and tackle both the windows and the window screens. Grab a sponge and cover all surfaces thoroughly. It’s a tiring but much needed step to have spotless windows and not repeat the process until fall comes around.

Don’t forget about the garbage disposal! Food residues may accumulate and rot faster during this season, so make sure to start the summer by cleaning out the drain and garbage disposal and check it a couple of times as weeks go by.

Hiring cleaning services in Santa Fe can make a difference in the way you enjoy summer. Whether you need them for your home or for your vacation rental, the team for Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services specializes in seasonal cleaning, so you can enjoy while they take care of the rest! Find out more about our services, along with weekly or biweekly cleaning services that come in handy for residents or vacation rental owners. Call (505) 660-6568 today!


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