Carpet Cleaning: A Good Idea Before Winter

Carpets and rugs are more than a decorative piece. They give personality to a room and provide a soft, warm surface for wintertime. But carpers are also the object of splashes, accidents, spills, and dirt from the outside. They need attention and the proper care to keep them looking great.

Cleaning carpets is part of the to-do list before winter arrives, along with checking the heating and air conditioning system, cleaning the gutters, the drainers, etc. Maintenance is, of course, the best way to maintain all carpets and rugs. But when any carpet needs a good cleaning, you don’t necessarily need a machine. A good scrub with a homemade solution and a good brush can do the trick.

Here are some other fabulous tips the professional team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services apply at the many vacation rental homes serviced every day:

  1. Prepare the area: Remove any objects and make sure to vacuum thoroughly, making a couple of passes from different directions across the surface of the carpet or rug.
  2. If using a wet vacuum: Use the carpet shampooer according to instructions. Most require warm water and a good cleaner. Don’t skim on this, as the right product is a must, just like regular maintenance. When running the machine, be careful not to over-saturate the carpet with water, and it could create mildew. Once done, open all windows for faster drying, or if the rug/carpet is small enough, bring outside and lay flat.
  3. If you want to use a homemade solution: Before you go preparing a solution, find out if the carpet is synthetic or made with natural fibert. This will help you decide which homemade solution you want to use. Then, figure out if what you want to do is a general cleaning or if you want to get rid of a certain spot. With that information you can search for the right solution and get to cleaning.

Get ready for winter with a deep cleaning of your home or vacation rental property in Santa Fe! Take a look around Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services to find out more about our services, along with Special Cleaning and other cleaning services that come in handy for residents or vacation rental owners. Call (505) 660-6568 to find out what we’re doing to ensure complete cleaning sanitation of any area of your house. Contact our Cleaning Company in Santa Fe for any cleaning service you need.



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