After 10 months of pandemic, people might think they know everything about house cleaning. The truth is, they don’t. Sure, as recommended by authorities, objects that come into the house are sanitized, there is a no-shoe policy by now in most homes and we all wash our hands 10 days a day at least.

But real cleaning, the one done by professionals, it’s not learned overnight. It’s a practice that takes time, dedication and methodology, attributes that have made Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services one of the best cleaning companies in Santa Fe.

What are some of the services that keep us at the top?

  • Deep Cleaning: Recommended at least twice a year for homes, mostly at the beginning and/or end of a season.
  • Special Cleaning: For those occasions when an extra hand is not only needed but necessary, such as after a remodeling project, construction, before or after a party, or in preparation for a holiday.
  • Freshen Vacation Rental: For those who are getting new guests and must freshen up the space. We can be called within 24 hours of having completed the services if something else is required, and we will return to tend to the issue without additional cost to you.

And these are only a small sample. Our team of professionals can tackle any cleaning needs, as they’re trained to understand and perform the nitty-gritty of cleaning. But they also know that house cleaning also entails organization and decoration. So, after cleaning closets or cabinets, everything goes back in a way that makes it pleasing to the eye. They apply their knowledge to make sure any space is beyond clean, well-decorated and orderly.

Now more than ever it’s time to hire a house cleaning company to give your house a revamped look and a good scrub! Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services has been in Santa Fe for over 10 years servicing the high-end market of vacation rentals in the area. Our services are 100% guaranteed and our team is ready to get to work on all-size properties, no matter how old or new.


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