Cleaning Clay Houses

House cleaning services experts in Santa Fe know it best: taking good care of clay buildings is an art itself. It’s important to do it well, because clay requires constant maintenance and too much water applied at the wrong time, for instance, can cause more damage than provide help.

The professional team of Ana Valenzuela stays up to date in all techniques and best ways to clean the outside of clay homes, as according to the National Park Service Preservation, techniques for using clay in construction or repairs that were acceptable only 10 years ago are no longer considered appropriate. This means that our team must be in the know and stay abreast of the best materials and procedures to be used.

One item in particular many vacation rental property owners ask us to take care of is their kiva fireplace. This type of fireplace can be found indoor or outdoor, and its shape is peculiar and easy to identify, as it is inspired by southwestern pueblo architecture.

Here are two easy tips to keep in mind if you visit Santa Fe and the place you’re staying in has a kiva fireplace:

  • Before starting a fire at one of these tall, flowing fireplaces, is to look up the chimney to see if any nests or any other object is blocking it. Kiva fireplaces tend to get really dirty and smokey on the sides because people forget to do this when starting a fire, and the place gets filled with smoke in a matter of minutes. Then the cleaning crew must come in to get rid of the smoke stain.
  • The second recommendation is to build the fire the right way. Place the wood upright against the back of the fireplace, as if you were building a teepee. Don’t stack the wood like you’d do in a traditional fireplace. This way the smoke will go up the chimney and you will have a warm, cozy place to rest around.

Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is proud of its Santa Fe roots and honored to be a part of the best cleaning companies in the southwest. We are specialists in all house cleaning services, no matter if these homes are made with authentic adobe brick, concrete, wood, etc. Our professional team takes care of the inside and outside of your home, with services such as weekly cleaning, deep cleaning, and moving cleaning services. This is the time to hire a house cleaning company to give your house the look you want, don’t wait, and call us today at (505) 660-6568. 


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