Time for BBQs in Santa Fe

It’s that time of the year again! And the best cleaning companies in Santa Fe know what that means: giving a good cleanup to patios, outdoor furniture and grills of all sizes!.

What that also means is that people start hosting guests more often, so most areas of the house need more frequent cleaning.

That’s when the weekly/biweekly cleaning offer from Ana Valenzuela Cleaning services comes in handy for homeowners or vacation rental owners. It’s the most convenient way to maintain a property clean and sanitized at all times, to ensure the safety and comfort of residents and guests.

Why use house cleaning services in Santa Fe?
A clean house is a house you want to take care of. It’s a matter of pride but also of comfort. When you get a weekly/biweekly cleaning service you can focus your time on other things you like to do or simply resting and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Also, many vacation rental owners like to include this service for long-term guests, to ensure the house is well-kept and to offer an additional benefit to renters. Many of the best reviews vacation rental owners get are related to the cleanliness of the property or any cleaning-related service they include in the rental.

What does the weekly/biweekly cleaning service include?
This house cleaning service includes all rooms and of course, all the main cleaning steps every area deserves. But also, on each of them special attention is paid to the ‘little things’. It’s perhaps those things that no one thinks about but require a good clean up more often than not. Some of those are:

  • Kitchen: Pull coffee maker apart and clean all parts.
  • Bathroom: Clean and sanitize shower heads, doors and walks.
  • Living room: Dust and vacuum sofa, curtains and blinds.
  • Laundry room: Clean behind and between washer and dryer.

Take the lessons learned in 2020 and ensure your safety and security with a recurrent house cleaning service for your home in Santa Fe. It’s time to hire a house cleaning company to give your house a revamped look and a good scrub! Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services has been in Santa Fe for over 10 years servicing the high-end market of vacation rentals in the area. Our services are 100% guaranteed and our team is ready to get to work on all-size properties, no matter how old or new.


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