A Summer of New Horizons 

A fresh start is something many people have been looking for, and summertime is a perfect time to move in and start anew. What are some of the first things a new homeowner needs to think about? Selecting among the best cleaning companies in Santa Fe! Let’s be honest. There a million things to do when you move in or out of home or apartment so if you can hire a team of experts to take care of cleaning you will not only save time but also have more peace of mind.

Ana Valenzuela’s team takes all the expertise needed to leave a house sparkling-clean after a move out or a new house ready and disinfected for residents moving in. Whichever your need is, the team has the detailed cleaning service perfect for you.

Moving cleaning tips
As experts in cleaning services, our team has put together some helpful tips for those on the move.

  • One room at a time:Tackle each space with a method and take as long as you need. If the house is empty, the kitchen and the bathroom will take longer to clean than a bedroom, so keep that in mind when dividing your time.
  • From top to bottom:Anyone that works for the best cleaning companies in Santa Fe will tell you to start cleaning the top floor and make your way down. The same advice goes to the order of any room: take care of ceiling fans and cobwebs first, then walls and finally, the floor.
  • Think about the bathroom:Since you are likely to use it during the time you are in the residence, perhaps you can do it first. Use disinfectant products and let them soak for a couple of minutes before rinsing.
  • The fridge needs a lot of love:Many cleaners like to start with the stove, as it needs scrubbing, but the fridge should also be a priority when cleaning the kitchen. Unplug it (when empty) and let it ‘warm up’ for a while. This will make it easier to clean.

Essential move in/move out cleaning for your home or vacation rental property in Santa Fe in just a click away! Visit Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services to find out more about our services, along with Special Cleaning and other cleaning services that come in handy for residents or vacation rental owners. You can also call (505) 660-6568 to find out what we’re doing to ensure complete sanitation of any area of your house in any area of Santa Fe.




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