Regular housecleaning is a must for everyone, but it’s even more important than ever when allergy season comes around. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all. Hiring a house cleaning service in Santa Fe will free your time to do the thing you want and don’t worry about cleaning. Plus, it’ll help you keep those pesky allergens under control.

We asked the best, the cleaning professionals in Santa Fe, and they provided us with excellent tips to put into practice when allergy season rolls around, and you need to be ready and prevent itchy eyes and constant sneezing.

Increase cleaning frequency. Do a full cleaning of surfaces and bedding once a week, but make sure to dust surfaces, ceiling fans, light fixtures, libraries, coffee tables, etc., (from top to bottom) at least one more day of the week, especially if you leave the windows open for a long while.

Avoid shampooing carpets. Spring and allergy season is not the right time to do it, as this process may help trap allergens. Also, avoid using heavily scented cleaners. Both things will only make your allergies worse.

Invest in a good vacuum. For environmental allergy sufferers, there is no better cleaning tool than a powerful vacuum. A bagless vacuum with a HEPA filter is recommended, so do your research. It’s worth spending money in a versatile one, a vacuum you can use for the floor but also for furniture and even bedding, cushions, pillows, etc.

Focus on the bedding. Changing sheets and bedding weekly is the best idea, and as an additional precaution, vacuum pillows, throws and any other decorative items you use for the bed or living room. If you can’t wash your bedding weekly, vacuum it.

Don’t forget about the bathrooms and other wet areas. Mildew is another enemy of allergy sufferers. Check all wet areas and get rid of any that has accumulated. And to prevent it, use a squeegee after every shower.

Get the right filters. Besides having a good house cleaning service team by your side, installing the right filters is key to keep the air in the house as clean as possible. Set up reminders to check the filters in all air conditioners in the house and replace them periodically.

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