House Cleaning Experts Recommend The Right Cutlery for Thanksgiving Dinner 

Absolutely necessary yet sometimes overlooked, cutlery is a key part of dining, and it can truly make or break any eating experience. This November, families and visitors to Santa Fe, NM will be seating down at the table to have a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner, and employees from all house cleaning services will devote time to making sure all the types of forks, knives and spoons are clean, shiny and ready to be used… because it’s about more than having a good carving knife! 

Whether your Thanksgiving dinner is formal or more relaxed, you need to use the right cutlery for every dish. Is it fancy? Perhaps. Is it an easy way to add a touch of elegance without going overboard? For sure. So how can you add the right cutlery to your dinner without going crazy? Keep in mind these two things recommended by an expert in all things house cleaning: 

  1. Decide what you will be serving as appetizer, what dishes will go with the turkey and what will dessert be. Hiring a maid service company will help you organize the table and take care of the cleaning process, so you can enjoy every dish and know which piece of cutlery to use at each stage.
  2. Don’t overcomplicate yourself. Once you know what dishes will be served, go over your available cutlery set and see if you have everything you need. The most commonly used are: dinner fork, dinner spoon, dinner knife, salad spook and fork, soup spoon, and dessert fork. Now, when turkey is on the menu, carving fork and knife are needed. Don’t worry! It’s understandable as some of these utensils look very similar, while others have a variety of names or functions that can be a bit overwhelming. We have all been there and experienced the struggle of learning it all. 

    Now that you know which utensils you’d need to use, check how they look and make sure to wash them thoroughly. The best house cleaning services in Santa Fe, NM recommend handwashing as the gentlest approach to keep all cutlery clean and in good state. Even after a multi-course dinner, the ideal method to wash them is the traditional: by hand, with warm, soapy water. That’s it. And a kitchen cloth or a nonabrasive sponge will do. It’s that simple. Now, if you have silverware, that needs special care, and you can request any cleaning service company in New Mexico to do that for you at least twice a year. 

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