House Cleaning after a Paint Job Can Be Easy

Some people think winter is not a good time to make updates or renovations to any home, but there’s nothing further from the truth. Cleaning services companies in Santa Fe, NM and surrounding areas can get busy during winter months with specific tasks related to cleaning services prior or post renovations. 

Interior painting can be an easy way to spruce up any area and give a new air to any home or space. Colors can help improve mood, and make any space look new and modern. And sometimes, the cooler months are ideal to make these changes, especially when today’s technology allows for safer, eco-friendly and water-based paints. Also, luckily for you, Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services offers After Construction Cleaning, a service that will let you focus on colors, accents and decorations while someone else takes care of all the house cleaning tasks. 

But how to tackle a painting project in the most efficient and clean way? Here are some tips from our cleaning services professionals:  


Prep the room: Look around and take down everything that is on the walls or close to them. Place furniture in the center of the room or the opposite corner of the wall(s) that will be painted. Also, take any delicate objects (ceramics, lamps, etc) to another room. You don’t want them to break by accident while people are coming in and out of the room to clean or paint. 

Remove debris and dust: Clean the surfaces to be painted meticulously. This will prevent any imperfections in the painting process. Use a dusting cloth and a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dust, cobwebs, and loose debris. You can enlist the help of house cleaning professionals for before and after a painting job, and be sure the previous process is done well.

Wash Walls and Surfaces: Use a mild detergent solution to give a pass to walls and surfaces in the room. Dish soap can be used for this, as it’s very effective to remove grease, grime, and any existing residues. If what you are painting is a wall or walls in the bathroom, when cleaning any area of the house, you must pay special attention to removing all soap scum. Rinse well. 


Paint tools should be cleaned right away: Paintbrushes and other tools should be cleaned immediately after the job is done, using the right solution for the paint that was utilized. 

Rule of thumb: For most types of paint, using warm water and a little dish soap to clean your brushes is enough, as long as you do it soon after the paint job is finished. And please, don’t clean the brushes on any sink inside the house. Many house cleaning professionals can spend hours and tons of product trying to salvage areas that are not stained with paint when people tried to clean brushes the wrong way. When in doubt, call cleaning service professionals to do the ‘dirty’ work for you.

Remove Painter’s Tape: Wait until the paint is totally dry. Ventilate the room to make this process quicker. Once it’s dry, pull the tape at a 45-degree angle to avoid peeling off any dried paint. 

Planning a renovation or a painting job in your house or vacation rental property in Santa Fe, NM? Don’t wait anymore and book After Construction Cleaning here in Santa Fe. Our house cleaning services are 100% guaranteed and we take care of all the things you need in your vacation rental or home. Our team is ready to help you beyond renovation projects, so you can rely on us for weekly or biweekly cleaning, office cleaning, deep cleaning and more. Call us today at (505) 401-4032 or contact the best qualified team of cleaning services in the state. We’ll get you a free estimate in no time!


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