Cleaning Holiday Ornaments

The holidays bring many wonderful things: family gatherings, friends from afar, wonderful meals and beautiful decoration to admire. This decoration, in many cases, are family heirlooms, and cleaning these pieces needs lots of loving care. With the holidays around the corner, cleaning service professionals know exactly what to do when it comes to taking care of all decorations. From the most delicate ones like tree ornaments to all the other accents that turn your home into a winter wonderland, they all need special care. 

Where to start? With unpacking. Beyond doing it carefully, what mattes is how those ornaments and decorations were stored. You can enlist the help of a house cleaning team to take care of the ornaments once out of the boxes and bags they’ve spent months in, but it’s also vital to clean them properly before you store them again once the holidays are over. 

With this is mind, take a read at these tips for all kinds of ornaments, brought to you by experts in house cleaning services in Santa Fe: 

  1. Opening the boxes. Take out every ornament and place them on a flat, clean surface. Many use thick towels or blankets to place and organize all ornaments. Once there, make sure to light dust them using a soft, clean powder brush. Yes, you read that right. A make up brush. This is a little trick of the trade that only a cleaning expert would know. 
  2. For non-delicate ornaments. Use a microfiber cloth to lightly dust each one, and polish those which many need a little more love. For some, you can lightly wet the cloth and go at it. 
  3. How about glittery ornaments? Again, brushes are your best friends for anything house cleaning. Or better yet, use a small feather duster if you have one. Use one with soft bristles to lightly scrub ornaments, as some pieces of glitter may be already loose. House cleaning professionals suggest to avoid using any liquid to clean any ornament with glitter, as this will be the end of such ornament. 
  4. Handle with care: glass ornaments. These need lots of care, so top experts from house cleaning services recommend to continue by removing them from the tree and place them separately from the others. Then, take a microfiber cloth and dust delicately. You can also wipe them down with a moist cloth, using just a little glass cleaner liquid. 
  5. Wooden Ornaments, easier to clean. Do you have those compressed air cans, the ones used to clean your computer’s keyboard? Yes, one of those. Use it for all the wooden or metal ornaments you may have around the house. Then polish with a microfiber cloth and you’re all done! 

Hiring cleaning services in Santa Fe, NM during the holiday season is the best way to make more with your time. Make a list of all cleaning and decorating needs, and see where and when cleaning professionals hands can take care of some of them.  Visit Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services to find out more about our services, along with Special Cleaning and other cleaning services that come in handy for residents or vacation rental owners at any time of the year, including, of course, the holiday season. Call (505) 660-6568 to discuss your house cleaning needs and enjoy your life knowing you have professional cleaners on your side.


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