Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services has been working with Santa Fe residents and visitors to make sure all vacation rentals or private properties are truly clean from floor to ceiling. Our team of professionals has gone all over the city and surrounding areas to provide the outmost cleaning service now more than ever, as the lockdown restrictions ease up and people resume, as much as possible, their normal activities.

This month is the beginning of our ‘Deep Cleaning’ series, a list of articles that will include all the necessary tips to ensure any home or office is thoroughly clean, to keep all Santa Fe residents and visitors safe from the virus. First up, the living room.

The following deep cleaning tips should be applied to any living room at least once a year, but again, because the time we live in calls for a new cleaning protocol, you can do it more often.

  1. Declutter: Put away all vases, candles, picture frames, small lamps and other decorations that can be easily removed and clean accordingly in the kitchen. This way you have more room to maneuver appliances required and open space to clean surfaces and corners that can be easily neglected.
  2. Dust and wipe: Start at the top, dusting and cleaning the ceiling and any fans (fan and fan blades) or lamps. If possible, take down light fixtures and wash them separately. Don’t put them back until they ‘re dry. Then check the walls and wash them for good measure, in particular the areas closer to the light switches, paintings and places where people may have leaned on.
  3. Up next, the windows: Blinds, drapes, curtains… everything must come down and be washed accordingly. Besides the glass and screens (if any) of the windows, windowsills and corners also deserve attention with a good clean up you can do with a sponge and a mix of 4 drops of dish detergent and around ½ litter of water.
  4. Couches are key: Start by using a vacuum cleaner to clean out the entire couch, including crevices. Take off all slipcovers, pillows, etc. Make sure to follow any manufacturer guidelines to clean out the couch. You may need a special upholstery cleaner or you can do it with soap and water.
  5. Tackle all shelves and tables: Bookshelves also deserve attention, so take down all books, dust and wipe them. Before returning them, wipe every surface. When cleaning tables, check what kind of cleaning solution might work best, and wipe it over and under, including the legs.
  6. Carpets and rugs: Last but not least, these are critical because they easily trap dirt and other substances. If you can get professional cleaning for the rug, do so.

Deep Cleaning is one of the main services offered by the team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services. Professional cleaners are ready to assist all residents and property owners in all areas of Santa Fe. Their experience can be seen in the end results, homes that are shiny, clean and fresh, qualities always important but in particular in 2020. Our services are 100% guaranteed.



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