House cleaning services experts in Santa Fe are now faced with the news reality: most homes they are servicing now include at least one office space. The truth is many employees are not going back to the office full time and need to create permanent spaces to work from. Long gone are the days where a corner of the kitchen counter or the far end of the dining table worked as designated home offices.

What do you have to do to create a space where you can focus, be productive and yet be comfortable? Our cleaning experts from Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services can tell you, as they have seen it all and have also created rigorous office cleaning protocols, as the best cleaning companies do. Even if it’s a home office, it’s an area that needs thorough cleaning.

Since they’ve seen how many have done it, and have even helped them as part of our house cleaning services, they can recommend the following tips:

No clutter allowed: Decide what you need and what items can make the space a room of efficiency and inspiration. If you need storage, use a closet in the room. Some say it’s also a good idea to have office supplies stores in other areas of the house. That way you can get up and stretch your legs and come up for air occasionally among the ‘Zoomland’ world we all have been living in.

Recycle and reuse: Do a walk-through around the house and check out the extra items you probably have in the basement or attic. Pick and choose elements to decorate your office, including what will be in the background for video meetings. You can repaint some, find a new use for old items, and with a small budget you have yourself a perfectly functionable office.

Take care of the power sources: It’s important to take care of the electrical part of the room, so all your devices are charged all the time and work properly. Do your research and hire an electrician if needed.

A chair to invest in: Your back will thank you. Sitting down for 8 hours a day is no walk in the park, and your body deserves good support. You don’t have to spend much on a desk or office supplies, but your chair should be high-quality.

The best cleaning companies in Santa Fe will work with clients to spruce up any room and make it the best home office ever. Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is proud and honored to be a part of that list. We are specialists in all house cleaning services, from weekly cleaning to deep cleaning, as well as moving cleaning services. We can be your best partner on cleaning, and our results are 100% guaranteed. If anything is not to your satisfaction, you can call us within 24 hours after we have performed the service, and we will return to correct the issue without additional cost. Don’t wait and call us today (505) 660-6568


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