Back to the Office at the End of Summer?

Many companies in the country have made plans to bring more workers back to the office by the fall of 2021. This means yet another big shake up to the way people work and live today. Now thousands of people have made home their workplace and many are wondering how going back is going to be.

Heads of operations of all companies have worked hard to make sure all cleaning rules and protocols are updated, along with changes in office layout to allow for appropriate social distancing. As one of the best cleaning companies in Santa Fe, Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services has been preparing and working diligently with homeowners and rental vacation owners in the area to implement strict home office cleaning protocols as well, since many are spending most of the day in this area of the house.

Our team has been trained to provide in depth office cleaning services, and uses products and rules apt to fight the spread COVID-19 virus. Our team takes care of:

  • Office and conference rooms: clean and disinfect furniture and desk, including decorative objects. Also, disinfects surfaces touched frequently such as windows, control remotes, mouse, etc.
  • Bathroom: just like we do with our house cleaning services, for office bathrooms we clean, sanitize, and deodorize each one, from sink and backsplashes to glass shower door and bathtubs (when available). Our team also cleans and sanitizes all handles and high-traffic surfaces in the bathroom and organizes drawers and supplies.
  • Kitchen: Clean appliances inside and out, including a rigorous sanitizing protocol. Follow guidelines to keep clean and sanitized surfaces and objects touched frequently by different employees such as cabinet handles, coffee kettle, chairs, tables, etc. Our professional team also takes care of cleaning and organizing the pantry, sweeping, and washing all floors.

Essential office cleaning and house cleaning services in Santa Fe are just a click away! If you’d like to know more about how can help you clean and sanitize your office in Santa Fe, Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is ready and available to help. Call (505) 660-6568 to find out what we’re doing to ensure complete sanitation of any area of your house.



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