Home Cleaning Tips from Ana Valenzuela

A Cleaning Schedule is Always a Good Idea

Santa Fe has so many great places and activities to enjoy during the entire year that it’ll be a sad thing if you missed them because you have to clean your house. Then get organized, let the professionals handle it and experience the city! How often should I clean that or this? The list can […]

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Office Cleaning after COVID-19 in Santa Fe

Little by little, towns and cities in New Mexico are coming out of lockdown. Santa Fe is getting ready to find a new way to be, while residents are still encouraged to stay home as much as possible, and to maintain 6-foot physical distance from others when they go out for any reason. The professional […]

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Deep Cleaning: A must for every home in Santa Fe

Although deep cleaning is recommended at least twice a year for every house, whether it’s a traditional residence or a rental vacation home, the reality of today is that Covid-19 has changed the rules for all and cleanliness has become more essential than ever. Now that many restrictions come to an end and people start […]

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Our Cleaning Services in Santa Fe in the Time of COVID-19

The world as we knew it will no longer be. The effects of Covid-19 have touched all communities in Santa Fe. We all have felt the impact, as residents, as employees, as artists, as business owners, as people. The time has come for us to continue bringing our top-of-the-line cleaning services in Santa Fe. So […]

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Office Cleaning: Going back to the basics

Many homes in Santa Fe have rooms dedicated to an office space. An office should be a place clean and uncluttered, where imagination and motivation literally ‘get to work’. And at home this is sometimes easier to do, especially when homeowners or renters call Ana Valenzuela and team to take care of the cleaning and […]

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Christmas trees: the one and only holiday staple

The tradition of adorning a tree is one that children and adult love. The lights, the colors, the ornaments and the memories it creates are unique and cherished. Around Santa Fe, people go for trees that look and feel fresh, the number one thing to keep in mind when picking out a Christmas tree.  Sure, […]

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Thanksgiving Special in Santa Fe

Hello winter! An exciting time of the year in New Mexico, and in particular in the streets of Santa Fe, that after a little snow somehow look more magical and enticing. The galleries are warm places to hang out and enjoy, while the crisp air is ideal for long walks to appreciate the view of […]

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  The real estate market in Santa Fe is pretty active, and homes are big enough to have several rooms and ample garages. Yet when moving, many people forget about their garage, and leave it for last when they’re already tired, almost at the end of the moving-out process.  So yes, perhaps starting there may […]

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Once you open the door of many homes in Santa Fe you get to see the magnificent spaces, the native-inspired décor or the clay tile roofs and welcoming gardens. But there is something related to freshness and hygiene at all homes that some people disregard, even when it is pivotal: refrigerator cleanliness. Because fridges are […]

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Why are laundry rooms so infamous? No one wants to go into a cramped, messy place that is also a humidity trap. Why does it happen? It may be because many people dread doing laundry, and don’t even think about making this space a cozy and organized one, where doing laundry doesn’t have to be […]

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