Santa Fe, New Mexico… a heaven for skiers!

New Mexico has nothing to envy Colorado and other states when it comes to skiing options. Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services also takes care of rental vacation homes during the winter season, when visitors and part-time residents visit Santa Fe to hit the slopes!

Besides art, tranquility and excellent food, Santa Fe is also a destination for skiers from all over the country. As soon as winter starts, thousands of people visit Santa Fe to have a pleasant and very active winter vacation, that includes skiing, hiking and of course, afternoons at spas to escape the cold.

One place that comes highly recommended is Sky Santa Fe, located only 16 miles away from downtown Santa Fe. Many ski lovers stay in vacation homes around the city and drive up during the day, to enjoy one or more of its 36 runs and the additional shows they offer skiers, which include music performances and group activities.

As a cleaning specialist in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area, Ana Valenzuela and her team are prepared to have all rental homes ready for visitors, as there are special cleaning tips to have in mind during the cold winter months. Some of the key cleaning tips to keep in mind for this season are:

  • Mats are vital, but they all should be kept inside the home, right at the entrance. Outside, mats are a tripping hazard. If they are place right by the door, on the entryway, mats help keeping snow, ice and water out of the house.
  • Vacuuming is more important than ever, and in this case, a wet-dry vacuum is recommended. It should be used almost daily on entryways and other damp areas. It picks up salt and other debris that gets stuck in shoes and snow boots.
  • Pay attention to the furnace. Part of the cleaning duties of the professionals is to make sure that everything works inside the rental or vacation homes, so Ana Valenzuela and her team make sure to check the furnace before the season starts, to ensure it works to keep the air clean and that it doesn’t have any leftover debris or dust.
  • Clean the windows and dust around. Because the chimney and heater are on more of the time, all windows may get a coat of soot, which not only makes them look dirty, but also blocks warm rays of sun from coming into the house. Dusting daily is also imperative, as the air is warm and dry, which generates dust faster inside.   

Santa Fe is definitely a fun, exciting destination during winter. What skiers love about coming to this city is that they can drive for an hour to their favorite spot, such as Pajarito Mountain Sky area, but then drive back to Santa Fe at the end of the day. Once in the city they can have an exquisite dinner or enjoy an art gallery exhibit. And to be more comfortable and have a place they can call home, many opt to stay at vacation or rental homes under the diligent and exceptional care of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services.


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