More than art… that’s Spring Break in Santa Fe

Concerts, great dining, treasure hunts, resorts, vacation homes… That’s Spring Break in Santa Fe.

The city of Santa Fe is well-known as a destination for art lovers, and many of them flock to the city during different times of the year, to enjoy the exhibits and discover new artists. But Santa Fe is also a fantastic destination for families or groups of friends who are looking for a different kind of spring break.

For these spring breakers, a vacation rental home is the ideal option, the best way to really experience Santa Fe from beginning to end. When staying at one of this homes, one thing may come to mind: how clean is everything in the house? The answer is in the details, and the team from Ana Valenzuela Home Cleaning Services takes care of the most particular ones so that these vacation homes are spotless for newcomers.

Spring is for deep cleaning
Rental vacation homes also need a hand when the season starts, so a thorough deep cleaning is recommended at least twice a year.

So, what else a deep cleaning entails? Each house is different and has particular needs, but the first step is to make a detailed spring cleaning checklist. Take a walk around the house and annotate the obvious plus other things like dusting ceiling and fans, clean inside drawers and air conditioner filters. Then, think about the outside. Is there any furniture or outdoor appliances that need maintenance?

Then, it’s time to go for it! Don’t try to do it all at once. Take a couple of hours each day to tackle a different part of the house. And don’t forget to thoroughly wash, dust, clean or repair draperies, windows, fixtures and other items that are usually forgotten.

This is just a glimpse of what deep cleaning entails. When visiting Santa Fe and staying at a rental vacation home, you can check for yourself an notice if any of these tips where put in place. Because as important as planning the trip ahead, it’s key to know they’ll be staying a clean, comfortable place.

And once settled, here are some activities to add to the list of things to do during Spring in Santa Fe:

  •   The Wildlife West Nature Park
  •   The Museum of International Folk Art
  •   Shiprock Santa Fe
  •   Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
  •   Visit a spa
  •   Visit the Harrel House of Natural Oddities

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