Canyon Road, one of the treasures that can be found in Santa Fe

The word art can be used as a synonym for Santa Fe. Exclusive pieces can be seen in the walls and halls of vacation rentals and Canyon Road, the place that best exemplifies what the city is all about.

There is only one problem everyone encounters when standing at the corner of Paseo de Peralta and Canyon: which gallery to walk into first? With over 100 of them along with multiple art studios and plenty jewelers, a full day can be spent on this single street and still have plenty to see and enjoy.

Canyon Road has become a premier spot in the country not only because of the contemporary, traditional and Native American fine art that can be found in galleries and shops, but also because of its preserved and restored adobe and territorial-style homes. Art is everywhere you look, from paintings and sculpture to jewelry and pottery.

And art is, of course, essential to the decoration chosen for all vacation and rental homes located a few blocks away from Canyon Road and all over Santa Fe. It’s simply part of the charm art experts and aficionados come to find in this area of New Mexico. Professional maintenance of these works of art is essential to making these homes a comfortable, special place to enjoy.

The professional cleaning services team of Ana Valenzuela is prepared to take care, clean and help preserve all pieces, from oil paintings to clay pottery or metal sculptures. Our expertise in this area ensures owners many years of pleasure from the art they’ve acquired, and for guests, the perfect atmosphere to enjoy their visit to Santa Fe.

Every piece needs thorough and detailed care depending on the material it’s made of. Before cleaning a painting, it’s important to consider if it’s canvas or paper, and the material of the frame. And when a bronze sculpture (very common in Santa Fe) needs sprucing up, the first thing to know is if the piece is exhibited outside or inside the home. That will determine the supplies to cleaning it with.

No matter what type of work of art requires cleaning, our team has the knowledge to provide a unique service. We work to make any stay unforgettable with exquisite attention to detail in all matters related to home cleaning services in Santa Fe, whether along Canyon Road or any other area of the city.


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