How Clean Does Your Vacation Rental Need to Be?

Investing in a vacation rental is great way to make some extra money, but only if the property is actually used. When travelers go on vacation and need a place to stay, they want the luxury of a hotel with the flexibility of their own place. If they enjoy their stay, they may recommend your rental to others or even write reviews online describing their positive experience.

On the contrary, an unpleasant experience may lead some to leave bad reviews. One big reason renters leave bad reviews is because of a lack cleanliness.

If you want to provide a memorable, comfortable experience for your tenants, regular, comprehensive cleaning is a must. That’s why we offer Maid and Housekeeping Cleaning Services in Santa Fe, to help both owners and vacationers on anything they need when it comes to a clean vacation rental. After every stay, the place should be cleaned and repaired so the next renters can’t tell there were renters before them.

But how clean is clean enough for a vacation rental? To start, each state has legal habitability standards that require property owner’s compliance.

What Are Habitability Standards?

Habitability standards are put in place to protect tenants from having to stay in a property that is unlivable. These laws usually apply to landlords, but many states require vacation rentals to follow basic standards for maintaining safe and clean conditions. These often include rules for sanitizing linens, testing the water, preventing infestations, and pool and spa upkeep.

In New Mexico, habitability standards are pretty clear, and aim to give both the landlord and the renter peace of mind and the best possible outcome. Some of these standards are:

  • Landlord must comply with anti-discrimination laws
  • Follow state rent rules (for both landlord and renter)
  • Provide habitable housing (clean and with all services running)
  • Provide a written lease or rental agreement
  • Make Legally Required Lead-Based Paint Disclosures
  • Respect Tenants’ Privacy
  • Don’t Retaliate Against a Tenant Who Exercises a Legal Right

Although not all of these standards pertain to the cleanliness of the rental vacation home, they all somehow relate to it. Cleanliness is simply one of the basic things guests expect when checking into a rental home, and if things are not how they expect, many other things can go wrong. So make sure to keep these standards in mind, follow the rules and contact the professional services of Ana Valenzuela to make sure your vacation rental is spotless all year-round, with experts cleaning the house from top to bottom in between guests.


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