Tips for a Squeaky Clean Rental Property

While good location, price and accommodations can interest a potential tenant for your vacation rental, it’s cleanliness of the space that will get them to come back, leave a positive review or refer the place to their friends. Vacation Rentals in Santa Fe are always the best way to enjoy the city, and June is a month when many families or group of friends, now out of school, decide to pay a visit to Santa Fe to enjoy its art, history and great food.

Cleanliness is key to make your guests stay much more comfortable and unforgettable. Our own Ana Valenzuela, a professional in the cleaning services industry in Santa Fe, recommends  proper cleaning should include at least the basics listed below if you want to impress your guests.

Monitor the Rental to stay ahead of potential issues.
To stay proactive, look for a new way to improve your property every time you visit it and keep open communication with your cleaners. Check the property periodically so you check air filter and other appliances and to stay aware of things like mold, limescale buildup, dripping water and the like.

Follow Standards for Clean Linens
The best idea is to create a system where visitors can assist in the cleaning process (e.g., have guests remove the sheets before departing and leave them on top of the mattress), so that it’s more efficient and the cleaning crew can dedicate more time to clean other areas as well.  Other good tips to keep in mind is to put a duvet on the comforter, always keep a waterproof mattress cover under the sheets and cover all sleeping pillows with waterproof pillow protectors.

Check for Hair and dust
Finding another person’s hair in a vacation rental property is a surefire way to get bad reviews and unhappy guests. Pay special attention to places where hair may collect, including the drain, sink, couch, bed, carpet and baseboards. 

Dust is another no-no for guests, and for some is an allergen, and no one wants a sick and unhappy guest.  A layer of dust can accumulate in a matter of days, so it’s important to wipe everything in between stays. Common areas that collect dust include air vents, ceiling fans, window sills, corners, shelves, furniture and others.

Clean Carpet
Dirt, dust and stains can collect on carpet, which means it should be cleaned after every stay. Carpet should also be professionally deep-cleaned once a year to keep it looking fresh.

Maintain Clean Appliances
Stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and washing machines are a few areas where dirt and grime to build up. Because most of these are in the kitchen and come into contact with food, sanitizing surfaces is important and a deep clean is recommended to avoid staining, bugs and bacteria growth.

Give Your Visitors Keys to Cleanliness
Make sure visitors have easy access to cleaning equipment for their own use. Keep basic cleaning supplies under the kitchen and bathroom sink, along with a broom and mop at a key spot in the kitchen as clues for rentes to pick up on. You can also offer a Maid Cleaning Service for an added charge, to provide them the opportunity to spend more time resting and exploring the city.

If you are interested in additional tips for cleaning and organizing your vacation rental, get expert consulting from Ana Valenzuela Home Cleaning Services.


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