The Secrets to Choosing and Maintaining the Best Quality Towels

The Secrets to Choosing and Maintaining the Best Quality Towels

Towels come in many different types based on color and fibre. In fact, the use of a towel is heavily dependent on the type and length of fibre it is made from.

Whilst the types are usually overlooked, it is important to understand the difference in quality.Lower quality towels can damage skin whereas one of a better quality avoids this risk, is more efficient and is likely to last a lot longer. Longer fibres that stick out from the towel are a good sign, and if they feel smooth then they are definitely of a great quality.

If you fork out money to buy the better quality towels, then it is crucial to know how to maintain them through proper washing. There are different washing techniques according to the type of towel.

For cottons, put the towel into the washing machine at around 155 degrees. This is a sufficient temperature to kill most common germs. Put the washing machine on its “hot” setting and if possible, set the cycle length to 90 minutes. Add roughly a one-quarter cup of detergent and roughly a half cup of bleach to sanitise it and brighten the colour. To keep the towels soft, consider adding a half cup of 5 per cent white vinegar. It removes all additional oils trapped in the towel fibres.

For linens, the process is roughly the same, although due to their lower heat resistance, they should be put on the “warm” cycle.

For coloured towels, a color-safe bleach should be used. They should also be separated into shades so that darker colours do not mix with the lighter ones. If a towel is multicolored, then it should be washed according to the color and shade of the most predominant part.

Once these towels are dry, it is important to know how to store them. While hanging them in the bathroom makes them easily accessible, the warm and humid conditions can usually give them a musty smell. It is a good idea to store maybe three towels in the bathroom providing you know they will be used within a few days. Airing cupboard storage is preferable. Although the towels likely will not be warm, they will be much better preserved.

For more tips to wash towels, Overstock delivers a great, comprehensive guide which should be able to answer most of your questions.

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Taking small steps like this towards living a more cleanly lifestyle, every day really can be extraordinary.

A towel is a piece of absorbent fabric or paper used for drying or wiping. It draws moisture through direct contact, often using a blotting or a rubbing motion. Common household textile towels are made from cotton, rayon, bamboo, nonwoven fibers or a few other materials.

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