There are many places ‘snowbirds’ flock to when the weather gets cold in the northern hemisphere, but none of those are quite like Santa Fe, New Mexico. No one better than Ana Valenzuela, a long time resident and owner of Ana Valenzuela’s Home Cleaning Services to give you a quick rundown of reasons to visit and stay in Santa Fe.

New Mexico abounds in natural beauty and culture, and Santa Fe is no exception. Snugged up against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Santa Fe is a high altitude city with a vibrant multicultural flavor. Ana recommends the city for outdoor lovers, since the mountains provide endless outdoor experiences, whether you prefer to hike or bike, and the city has wisely preserved its old Spanish roots to maintain a sense of history in its buildings and celebrations. Vacation rentals are available in all areas of Santa Fe, so you can be close to the action in the main strip, or a little further into the mountains, enjoying the clean air and surroundings.
You’ll also find an artist’s haven of over 300 galleries and dealers, a historic city center and neighborhoods, and a score of fun and fantastic events and celebrations going on year-round.

Weather in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the tops in state capitals as the highest state capital in the country. At 7000 feet above sea level, the semi-arid continental climate produces temperature changes from summer to winter, but the changes are not extreme. In the winter, temperatures average at 40 – 50 deg. F., which is downright balmy for those escaping frigid below-zero conditions in northern climes. Summer temperatures average 86 deg. F., but low humidity levels keep higher temps comfortable. For me, the weather is ideal all-year-round, says Ana. You’ll see four seasons in Santa Fe, but all of them are fairly mild.

Landscapes in Santa Fe

Santa Fe LandscapeThe natural beauty surrounding Santa Fe is positively breathtaking. It isn’t hard to see why artists and spiritual seekers flock to this area for inspiration and a sense of community. One of the reasons Santa Fe is such a popular snowbird destination for people from all over the world, is because of its wild natural beauty. Beyond the city itself, the desert and mountains thrive with wildlife. “If you aren’t getting outdoors to hike, bike, ski, or just soak up the sun in Santa Fe, you’re not doing it right”, says Ana Valenzuela.

Cabin Rentals in Santa Fe

Cabin in New MexicoCabin rentals in Santa Fe provide the perfect retreat for short-term visitors and snowbirds alike. Ranging from luxury multi-room affairs to studio-style rustic cabins in the trees, renters can get the living style and location they like that fits into their budgets. Nightly rates range from $30 to several hundred dollars, depending on the level of luxury you require and the number of guests who need beds. Ana recommends visitors to experience a weekend in a cabin while also staying on a vacation rental the city for a couple of days, enjoying the scrumptious restaurants and the art scene.

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Key Events in Santa Fe


GLOW event in Santa FeEvery year, the Santa Fe Botanical Garden puts on an illuminating event. Guests are invited to walk through the gardens at night to gaze at the winter wonderland lit up by the artistic and scintillating use of lights in the plants and trees, on sculptures, and on artistic installations, including special laser light shows.

Visitors can purchase the reasonably priced tickets in advance for more savings and then wander through the exhibit on foot. Food and drinks are available for purchase, including hot drinks by a roaring fire. You can also purchase gifts and souvenirs in the garden’s gift shop.

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Canyon Road Farolito Walk

Santa Fe Farolito WalkA beloved Christmas Eve tradition, the Canyon Road Farolito Walk is attended by residents and visitors of Santa Fe from all walks of life. Attendees gather to carol and mingle at Canyon Road, a historic neighborhood filled with adobe homes, where the streets are lined with paper lanterns (farolitos) and a few bonfires. The event draws thousands of attendees per year and has become a tradition eagerly anticipated every Christmas season. Get more information here.

Like Ana Valenzuela, many others have chosen Santa Fe as a destination that offers something for everyone. So, next time you are considering a place to escape the cold, listen to the experts and make sure to choose a vacation rental that’s up to par with your cleanliness standards. 


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