Get Your New Mexico Snowbird Rental Ready for Winter

In the winter months, snowbirds are often looking for vacation rentals in warmer climates like New Mexico. Don’t wait for spring cleaning! Get your vacation rental ready for guests with these cozy tips.

Snowbirds—those who flee the cold by moving south for the winter—create a huge demand for housing in the states that host them. Many winter visitors are Baby Boomers, and four out of five of them come from Canada. Fleeing arctic temperatures, piles of snow, and months of dreary winter skies, snowbirds flock south to soak in the warmth and avoid the aches and pains that come with cold weather. They take up seasonal jobs, volunteer their time in hospitals and museums, socialize with other snowbirds, and they’re ready to cough up the cash for a winter vacation rental that provides a beautiful home-away-from-home.

For a vacation homeowner, snowbirds can offer a consistent source of rental income. Because they often live in warm southern states for four to six months at a time, winter visitors want a place to live that is comfortable, reasonably close to shopping and entertainment, and will give them hassle-free living that is affordable. You have the opportunity to attract and retain some of the best tenants you’ll ever have by making your rental an attractive home, beginning perhaps with a freshen vacation rental service.

Read along to find out some of the best ways you can prepare your vacation rental to be welcoming to long-term vacationers ready to enjoy the sun and fun of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Add a Personal Touch

Personal Touch for Rental Unit

Adding a personal touch that your renters will see as they walk into the door lets them know that you care about their comfort. This promotes good feelings and can be the beginning of a great relationship between you and your renters, prompting great reviews and repeat bookings. Renters who feel personally cared for are also far more likely to be more careful with the home and furnishings. Plus, you just might make some lifelong friends!

A personal touch can be as simple as leaving a short, handwritten note welcoming them to your home and offering assistance should they need it. Another idea is to put together a welcome basket, which could include several items that highlight the area and provide a touch of luxury. Also welcome would be a list of nearby restaurants, and, maybe, some coupons for local services in Santa Fe.

If you decide to put together a welcome basket, this helpful list can spark some great ideas:

  • Fresh fruit—especially any types of fruit that are grown locally
  • Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
  • A small bottle of wine or non-alcoholic sparkling juice
  • An iconic food item that is specific to the city or area
  • Luxurious bath items like bath salts or bath bombs, lotion, or scented soap
  • A scented candle or aromatherapy oil
  • Coloring books, crayons, or markers for young children
  • A gift card to a local restaurant or attraction
  • Coupons
  • Maps and brochures to popular sites, attractions, and events
  • Souvenirs or keepsakes such as key rings, shot glasses, or other small (but useful) items emblazoned or engraved with the city’s name

For luxury rentals, personal touches could also include pick-up and drop-off at the airport or a personal tour of the area to get your guests acclimated. A daily phone call to inquire after any of the guests’ needs is also appreciated, along with offering the possibility of a Maid Service for vacation rentals, to make their stay easier and truly relaxing.

Provide a Clean and Welcoming Environment

Clean Welcoming Environment within Rental Unit

Nothing is more welcoming than a clean, sparkling rental home just waiting to be lived in. Renters’ first impressions can’t be changed, so make sure your vacation home is in pristine condition before they step foot through the door. In fact, vacation rental cleanliness should be the top of your priority list. With a number of professional cleaning companies to choose from, there’s no excuse to ever have a renter walk in to an untidy or dirty rental.

While some renters are laid-back, you want to prepare for those who inspect every closet, surface, and drawer before bringing in their suitcases and unpacking. Whether you do the work yourself or hire a professional cleaning company, keep a checklist on hand to make sure none of the little details are forgotten.

Cleaning reminders:

  • Make sure there are plenty of extra towels
  • Provide an extra set of linens so renters can launder their linens as they wish
  • Set up specific, ongoing tasks with your housekeeper to ensure that no areas are neglected
  • Allow your renters to access supplies like extra toilet paper, trash bin liners, light bulbs, or soap
  • Create an exhaustive checklist for cleaning the property between renters. Make your own or use our handy cleaning checklist as a starting point.

Keep Your Santa Fe Vacation Rental Smelling Clean and Fresh

Scents of Rental Unit

Scent is a powerful thing. Scent can spark memories, and you want your renters to associate your vacation home with excellent memories. Therefore, make sure your rental smells wonderful. The scent of clean is great on its own, but feel free to add extra touches as you wish: lightly scented plug-in room fragrancers, scented candles, or essential oil diffusers are luxurious. But even if your rental just smells clean and fresh, you’re doing it right.


As a vacation rental owner in Santa Fe, you have a great opportunity to build your reputation and keep your rental solidly booked and receiving good reviews from your customers. Making your rental cozy includes making sure that it is pristinely clean and welcoming. A professional cleaning service ensures that each new tenant is greeted with a fresh, tidied, and sparkling interior.

Good professional cleaning companies provide steady, reliable service. Ana Valenzuela’s freshen vacation rental cleaning, exit cleaning, and deep cleaning rental services in Santa Fe are in high demand from rental owners for their consistency, quality, and high standards of service and personnel. Contact us today to inquire about rates and services you need.


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