Tips for Summer Cleaning in Santa Fe

If anyone understands the need to have special precautions when cleaning a house during summer time is the specialist in cleaning. Ana Valenzuela Home Cleaning Services take special care of vacation rental homes in Santa Fe all-year-round and during summer time we know it’s ideal to add certain touches to make any home more welcoming, clean and even healthier!

Allergens increase in the environment during summer time, so it’s necessary to take some special precautions to maintain a clean space.

1. Wash linen more often.
This may sound as a no-brainer, but it’s important to keep it in mind from July to September. Summer time means more sweat, and in Santa Fe, temperatures can reach the 90s. Make sure linen is washed at least once a week. There’s nothing better than going to sleep a bed with fresh and clean linen!

2. Use a shoe basket/box
Monsoon rains are common during summer in Santa Fe. So it’s expected that a walk outdoors ends in a pair of shoes filled with mud. To avoid dirt-trackers, keep a basket or box to place all shoes before stepping into the house.
You can also make sure the vacation house you’re staying at has good quality doormats, which should help with catching most of the dirt, if you prefer not taking the shoes off or asking potential guests to do so.

3. Control humidity and dust
Although summer in Santa Fe is dry, the summer rains can bring added humidity. And there are some areas of the house that could get feel this stronger, specially the bathrooms and laundry room, along with rooms close to the pool, where people usually leave wet clothing and towels. Make sure to clean the inside of dehumidifiers and exhaust fans throughout the house, so they actually do their job properly. It’s also necessary to dust all oscillating fans, as it’s imperative to have them on when it’s hot outside, to keep the air circulating. To give a hand to those in charge of cleaning, make sure to crack the window open or turn the fan on when taking a hot shower, to prevent humidity.

4. Take care of outside furniture
In Santa Fe is grilling season almost all-year-round but it’s during the peak summer months when the grill and outdoor furniture get the most use. Scrape any left overs at the end of the grilling session and maintain the area around it free of food. Furniture can be easily clean at least once a week with water and soap.


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