5 Golden Rules to Choose a Vacation Rental

The arrival of Summer means time with family and vacations but for many it also means it’s time to look for a vacation rental for the Winter and Santa Fe is the place to look at. Here are 5 golden rules to do it right. 

Decide what you want and what you need
There are many houses out there that look amazing, spacious and at the perfect location but you may not need a house that’s got 6 rooms and 3 garage spaces. Decide what your budget is and what you really need: how many rooms? How many baths? Do you want a full kitchen or a space with washer and dryer? Would you like to stay close to downtown or in the country?
Knowing what you want vs. what you need will help you control your budget better and have a better experience overall.

Use reputable websites
Research is always key, specially when it comes to traveling and vacation rentals. Thankfully, Santa Fe is an ideal town for this and many companies are solely dedicated to providing reliable vacation rental services. Ask friends or other people who have done it before, read the reviews. Crowdsourcing is easy nowadays, and people have more information that you think.

Location, Location, Location
Santa Fe is an ideal city to flock to during winter, so you’re set. What you need to decide in advance is what part of the city you want to be around. If you like art, perhaps a house in the heart of Canyon Road is ideal, or perhaps you want somewhere a bit isolated, to enjoy the surroundings and go into town when you want to see friends or have dinner at a nice place.

Check out the neighborhood
Yes, both will definitely make or break your stay at any vacation rental home, whether in Santa Fe or anywhere else.  Before you commit to a particular space, use maps on Internet to see what’s near the house you have in mind. Is it on a busy area and you need quiet to sleep? Are kids included on the trip and there are no places to take them around? Think about what you want to do during your stay and check if the area offers the amenities you are interested in.

Plan ahead for additional services
When speaking to the company you are renting from, ask for any additional services you can get from them or from other companies in the area. Childcare, pet care or cleaning services are key during any stay, no matter how long or short.

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