The Healing Nature of Santa Fe

Timeless cultures, traditions and beliefs are still a vibrant part of Santa Fe. Anyone can feel it in the air. It’s not only fresh and clean, but it also has a special quality that makes you feel you are in sacred land, a place where it’s easier to create deep connections.

For over 400 years, Santa Fe has been a site for the peaceful confluence of Native American, Anglo-American and Spanish cultures… imagine the richness of the rituals and the unique energy this place has! No wonder why Spas, natural oils and remedies, spiritual healers and much more can be found in every corner of Santa Fe and cities nearby.

People from all over the world flock to Santa Fe during the year, choose a vacation rental and stay for several weeks at a time. They use this time to disconnect, recharge and have direct access to all the spas and natural healing options that Santa Fe and New Mexico have to offer.

Keeping up with the town

Spas and healing practices are located all over town, and these places look and feel original to the spirit and charm of Santa Fe and all of New Mexico. At the same time, many vacation rental homes are located in the middle of town, where the architecture is unique and has to be preserved according to the rules that apply to Santa Fe as a historic gem of the country. Others are located in the mountain and have more spacious backyards, balconies and outdoor areas to entertain guests and enjoy the warm summer days or fresh fall evenings.

The professional team of Ana Valenzuela Home Cleaning Services is there to take care of all the big and small details necessary to make the house feel and look clean, top to bottom! The outside of a home is as important as the interior, as in this case it’s not only the first impression everyone gets, but also, it has to match the impressive views Santa Fe has to offer.

The cleaning crew has decided to share some basic outdoors cleaning tips to keep in mind when you don’t count with a professional service to do the work for you.

  • A garden hose is your best friend. Sometimes all you need is two basic things: some water and a light brush with soap. Make a quick inspection around the outside of the house, equipped with these two, and give a hand to walls, doors, windows and outdoor furniture. 
  • Choose a warm day. Warm days will allow the cleaning process to be more efficient, as the natural sunlight and warmth will help with the drying process. Plus, you won’t be freezing cold and you’ll enjoy being outdoors at the same time. 
  • Divide and conquer. Start with the outside of the house during one portion of the day and later, tackle the outdoor furniture. Better yet, if you don’t have any help, don’t try to do it all the same day. Take your time to make it well.
  • Baking soda for patio furniture. Create a mix of baking soda in a recipient with water and use a soft sponge to clean patio furniture. Wipe using circular motions and then rinse them well with water. For plastic-mesh lawn furniture, try using your own cleaning mix: in a gallon of water, mix mild detergent with ½ cup of bleach. You’ll see how they’ll look as good as new!

Cleansing your soul is a great reason to visit Santa Fe. If a 20-minute walk is proven to make anyone feel relaxed, imagine what staying for a couple of days will do for the spirit.

When choosing where to stay, make sure you choose a vacation rental that suits your needs and allows you to disconnect from your daily routine. Plus, Ana Valenzuela Home Cleaning Services also offers a Maid Service for vacation rentals, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 


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