It’s that time of the year: spring break is coming up and many are planning short trips or other fun activities, but others will take this opportunity to do a deep cleaning. And that’s a great idea, not only because we’re still going through a pandemic, but also because the best cleaning companies in Santa Fe and the country recommend a deep cleaning for any home at least twice a year.

The expert team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is your best partner in Santa Fe to take care of deep cleaning in your house during this Spring Break, like only the best cleaning services can.

How to deep clean
The first thing to know is that deep cleaning entails taking care of many areas of the house that are hard or difficult to move. This house cleaning service reaches the grim and dirt that’s hidden behind the fridge or big furniture, under the sink, etc.

What are some things you usually don’t clean and need the best cleaning during a deep cleaning session? Here are some:

  • Bedding and mattress, including the bed frame
  • All blinds, curtains and curtain rods
  • Sink drains on all the bathrooms in the house, as well as showers, and of course, the kitchen sink.
  • Baking oven (including the portable ones if any)
  • Bookshelves: remove all books, clean all surfaces and place them back
  • Tackle the front, back, cushions and interior of the sofa with the appropriate cleaning materials
  • Work in the closet in sections: start with the top and finish with a good vacuum

And these are just some suggestions, but of course our Ana Valenzuela house cleaning services team will walk you through the process and let you know everything they will do once they get to your place.

Some of the best cleaning companies are located in Santa Fe, and Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is proud and honored to be a part of that list. We are specialists in all house cleaning services, from weekly cleaning to deep cleaning, as well as moving cleaning services. We can be your best partner on cleaning, and our results are 100% guaranteed. If anything is not to your satisfaction, you can call us within 24 hours after we have performed the service, and we will return to correct the issue without additional cost. Don’t wait and call us today (505) 660-6568


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