It’s easy to imagine: you invite guests over, the party gets going, and as people start to let loose, the spills begin to happen. Coffee, red wine… you get the picture. For all of those in house cleaning services in Santa Fe, these stains are something to deal with every day. Our team of professionals is ready to clean and get rid of any stain on carpets, clothing, tablecloths, etc.

Coffee easily stain clothing and cups because of it contains tannin, a natural dye found in many other plants as well. The key to successfully getting rid of coffee stains is to act quickly, but expert house cleaners have some tricks up their sleeve to come to the rescue. When it comes to red wine, the culprit is the anthocyanin, the pigment in the wine that can be found in the skin of the grapes.

Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services prepares its team members with the standards of the best cleaning companies in Santa Fe, so they can be prepared for any cleaning challenge and to help beautify any space beyond cleaning. They are also generous with their knowledge, so today they are sharing tips on how to remove coffee and wine stains from carpets:

Tip #1: Treat the spot: Get a dry cloth or paper towel and blot the stain for a couple of minutes. Do not rub it, as you may spread the stain and make the damage worse.

Tip #2: Keep vinegar, detergent, and an old toothbrush or stain brush as part of your stain-removal kit. These are always helpful, and you can reach for them as soon as an accident occurs.

Tip #3: After blotting with a dry cloth, get to the kit. In 2 cups of warm water mix with one tablespoon of detergent and one tablespoon of vinegar. Use another corner of the same dry cloth, damp it in the mix and continue the same process. Repeat until the stain has disappeared.

Tip #4: When the stain is not ‘fresh’ after a spill, baking soda is the way to go. Some cleaning experts recommend salt as well, and both can be used in the same manner.

Do not apply baking soda directly to the stain. What you need to do is make a paste with it, using one tablespoon of baking soda and 3 tablespoons of water. Adjust the water as needed to make sure you get a good consistency, and the paste is thick enough to cover the stain and absorb the stain. Leave it to dry and then remove using with a vacuum.

Stains may come and go but good house cleaning services in Santa Fe can always be right when you need them when you click to contact Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services or call (505) 660-6568 to schedule your next Deep CleaningSpecial Cleaning or any other cleaning service you need for your home or vacation rental property. As one of the best cleaning companies in Santa Fe and surrounding areas, with Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services the results are 100% guaranteed. If anything is not to your satisfaction, you can call us within 24 hours after we have performed the service, and we will return to correct the issue without additional cost.