Spring Cleaning Time, Open Your Windows and Welcome back the Spring

Spring Cleaning Time, Open Your Windows and Welcome back the Spring

Finally it is that time of year, spring cleaning time. Time  to open your windows and welcome back the Spring.

The warm weather and glorious sunlight means that the cold and harsh winter is coming to an end and it is finally time to open the doors and windows which have kept your house locked away from the world for so long. It is also the season which many dread as it is associated with two words which will cause pain to many an ear: Spring Cleaning.

However, do not fret because we are here to help you. Our cleaning services available in Santa Fé, New Mexico as well as our great tips and advice mean that instead of being stuck inside deep cleaning on a sunny day, you can go out and enjoy the radiant weather you have been deprived of for so long.

The lack of ventilation your house will endure as the adverse weather conditions of the winter leave you no choice but to close all your doors and windows to trap the heat, will unfortunately have some negative consequences.

Odors which may once have been very welcome, such as the glorious aroma of the great big ham or roast beef on Christmas day, will soon outstay themselves. Smells finds themselves trapped along with the heat and soon stain the room with musky scents. Whilst your own nose may adjust to the musky odor, those of your friends and family who will now be visiting more frequently, will be very quick to notice it.

Once achieved by opening doors and windows for only a few hours per day. proper ventilation will quickly speed up progress on your deep cleaning. Allowing your home to catch the infamous spring breeze, taking with it unwanted odors, and therefore allowing you to leave a good impression on your friends.

The lack of ventilation will also allow a layer of grime to build up on the inside of your windows, blocking out the radiant spring sunlight. Brushing this over with an electrostatic cloth will allow the sun to flood into your home, raising everybody’s moods..

Unfortunately, with the warm weather enticing kids to play in the streets and parks, more dirt will find its way into your home, made all the more visible by the streams of sunlight.

If you find yourself without the time or even the will to clean, our deep cleaning services are sure to help. Covering an extensive list of all possible affected areas from patio furniture to gutters, our cleaners will ensure your house is in perfect shape in no time.


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