3 Cool Things To Do This Autumn in Santa Fe

3 Cool Things To Do This Autumn In Santa Fe

Santa Fe, a truly impressive city. It is a city which never fails to surprise with magnificently new, innovative and engaging ways to express its own culture and history. It is a city which has the magical ability to bring out the creative and expressive side not only of its residents, but its wide-reaching impact is enough to touch even those coming on a short visit. It is a city in which we are proud and grateful to be able to offer our cleaning services.

With this in mind, while we all are entering a period of mutual depression given the end of the summer draws near, it seems needless to feel down while there is so much to look forward to in the coming months. Here is a small selection of our most anticipated events of the Autumn.


The Burning of Zozobra

Gustave Baumann and Will Shuster are the famous names behind one of the biggest cultural cornerstones in modern day Santa Fe, the Zozobra, also known as Old Man Gloom. The character was introduced in 1926 as a 6ft half-monster, half-ghost puppet during the Autumn Fiesta events. It has since grown by almost 10 times its original size.

The idea of the Zozobra is that it represents gloom, reflected in its ghostly appearance as well as its name. The idea was conceived by the aforementioned cultural celebrities that the effigy could be burnt every year as a meaningful way of discarding and forgetting all the gloom the preceding year has brought.

Roughly 50,000 people now attend the annual event, the next of which will take place on September 4th. Anyone, including tourists are welcome to write down the ‘gloom’ they have experienced in the past year and submit it to the ‘gloom box’ of the Santa Fe Reporter, which will be burnt alongside the gigantic puppet.


Fiestas de Santa Fe

The tradition of the Zozobra is the opening to an incredible cultural experience, the September Fiestas. The Fiestas began in 1712, celebrating the retaking of Santa Fe from Pueblo tribes. To commemorate it, the city declares a Fiesta for 3 days, this year between the 11th to the 13th September.

The event will include the traditional reenactment of the Entrada, when Don Diego de Vargas led Spanish colonists to retake the city from Pueblo tribes in a war which spanned from 1692 to 1694. It will also be host to a children’s pet parade, live music, traditional masses, great food and most importantly, a friendly vibe.

To understand and experience the history of the city, this is an event not to be missed.


Canyon Road Paint & Sculpt Out

The third Saturday of October will play host to the 8th annual Paint and Sculpt Out – a yearly opportunity for art enthusiasts to show off with a live demonstration of their art.

In its 8 years of operation, the event has quickly evolved to incorporate distinct styles of art. For the first time this year, glassblowers and jewelry designers are among the new types added to the ever-growing roster.

Hundreds of artists will set themselves up along Canyon Road, situated along the bottom of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, from which many will take inspiration. The day-long event allows the public to engage with the artists to understand the processes that go into creating their masterpieces.

Along with belly dancers, live music and a festival, there really is no greater chance to see how much pride Santa Fe takes in its roots.

This is only a minute selection from several interesting events which will be taking place throughout the Autumn season. The special emphasis the city places on expression of its history and culture has created not only a community, but a lifestyle, distinct from anything else on offer in the US, making it a great city not only for a visit, but a life.

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Whatever the case, do not be a stranger and make sure that you do not miss out on everything this incredible city has to offer.


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